SMUT Spelled Backwards is TUMS

Why are more people, especially parents not outraged?

I call it SMUT - Selling Made Under Titillation.

It seems that more and more corporations are chasing the dollar to the demise of the family. Commercials with little human decency shown during prime-time family hour have become the norm.

Have you seen them?

* As she flosses her nether regions with skimpy attire, Paris Hilton eats a Carl's Jr hamburger while washing a Bentley with her body. Word is that sister company Hardee's will be airing a similar commercial soon.

* In a commercial for the franchise, "Jack In The Box", comments are made about the things Jack is giving away in his latest promotion. A man reads the "giveaways" and comments on how Jack is giving away everything but his wife. He then states, "Oh, what I would do for a night with her".

* One of the latest Burger King commercials borrows from The Wizard of Oz and features Hootie of, "Hootie and The Blowfish" fame and Brooke Burke from E-TV's "Wild On". After seeing so many "shaking tushes" on this "Yellow Brick Road", you are left wondering exactly what you are able to "have it your way" at Burger King.

SMUT is everywhere; primetime commercials, primetime TV sitcoms, radio talk shows, music lyrics and billboards on the side of the highway.

SMUT has become a kind of "second hand smoke". Just like smoking, it is being thrown in our face from all angles. Its encroachment into our lives is creating moral cancer in our families even when one doesn't personally indulge.

Before you scream censorship at me, visit your favorite restaurant. All that food may be beautiful, but if several people came over and started shoving their entrees in your face, it would become a whole new issue.

I have an idea. Why not give it a try? The next time you step into Carl's Jr for a burger, ask them to drop it into the nearest mop bucket. After all, isn't that supposed to be a great way to enjoy one of their burgers?

Perhaps it's not just a coincidence that SMUT spelled backwards is TUMS.

Maybe if advertisers see parents reaching for a Tums instead of reaching for what they are selling, they will be more considerate with how they spend their advertising dollars.

(C)Copyright 2005
by Stanley J. Leffew

Stanley J. Leffew is the Author of, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime". His website is based on this same theme. Find out for yourself why leading-with-the-body in life and relationships feeds desire but fails to satisfy the longing of the heart for love, companionship and intimacy by visiting .

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