Teach Your Children - Without Them Knowing They Are Learning!

The great thing about children is they absorb knowledge like a sponge. The downside to this is that they are typically wise to the fact that they don't want to sit down and be taught, fortunately as parents we can think of ways around that! Here are some great ideas of ways to promote learning with your children.

Read with your child, or better yet, take turns reading to each other. One-on-one reading is less common at schools and your child will benefit from having the extra practice time. Try to keep the books at the same reading level as your child is at, or one step below. The goal is to make it a pleasurable and relaxing experience and in doing so there is a greater chance that they will read as a hobby and not just when it is required. If your child does not like reading novels, read magazines or even comic books. The content isn't as important as them developing the skills to be able to read fluently.

Have your children write letters to friends and family. The other option is have your child find a pen pal to encourage writing, there are places online that you can find other child that want to correspond and have their basic hobbies and such listed so you can pick one that is well matched with your child. Have your child write letters to family members about new things that are happening with them, the first day of school for example and add a picture of their first day. Send them off, and yes with a real stamp! It's a great way for you child to build up their vocabulary, writing and spelling skills.

Have a family night and play board games that encourage spelling. Scrabble, Upwards or Boggle are some great examples. There are also versions of these games and many more like them for younger children.

These are just a few ideas for how to create a learning environment for your children. The great part about learning is it never ends, no matter how old or young you are there is always something new out there to explore.

For more information on school you can go to First Day at School

B. Ellis
First Day at School

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