The Origins of Check Writing

People haven't always written checks to buy goods and services. But you know that right? So how did people transfer money from one place to another in times of old?

In ancient times the most popular form of money exchange was the trade. However, some point along the long line of history people started realizing they had a surplus of goods that was best stored somewhere other than their home.

During the sixteenth century Amsterdam became a key global trading and shipping outlet. Within this area, many people started amassing cash. Rather than stashing this cash at home, some people had the brilliant idea of depositing their money with safe keepers or cashiers for a fee.

Keeping their money in a central location allowed tradespeople to start writing notes to pay off debts owed to other people. Thus emerged the idea of writing checks.

Where Did The Word Check Come From?

The word "check" did not emerge until later in the 1800s. At this point in time cashiers started placing numbers on each of the notes depositors wrote so they could better track notes coming into and out of the station. Eventually a system was born and the idea of writing checks and storing money in a "bank" caught on en' masse.

Checking Today

Today checking is as commonplace as going out to eat. Most people have at least one checking account, and many have more than one. It is not uncommon for business owners to work with several bankers and checking accounts.

Check writing is no longer a primitive process that involves handwriting notes on random pieces of paper. Checking and check writing is almost a rite of passage. It suggests that you have money (in theory anyway) or a means to make your way in the world.

Types of Checks Available Today

Now that you are familiar with the origins of check writing, you probably came here in search of some quality information about checks and checking. Today you have more choices than ever for checking. You can pay bills on traditional and boring bank checks, or you can buy checks that match your personality.

The possibilities are endless in checking today. You can buy pastel checks, checkered checks, animal checks, cartoon checks and more. Foil embossing and intricate designs are another popular choice among consumers, and provide the added advantage of extra security.

Some people are gung ho about top stub checks whereas others prefer side tear checks. You may find yourself shopping for cheap checks, whether cheap personal checks or business checks. Still others need something to match software programs and produce large quantities of checks that tie into their financials. That's where Deluxe? checks and other specialized checks come in handy.

Specialized Check Writing

If you own your own business you probably need checks that are compatible with your software programs. Among the more common in this category include:

  • Deluxe? Checks
  • Quickbooks? Checks
  • Quicken? Checks

Deluxe? checks is actually the name of a company that prints checks. These checks are popular all over the globe. They provide added security features such as micro printing a security screen to prevent copying and even chemically sensitive paper. This paper appears altered if someone tries to alter the original check.

Quickbooks? checks and Quicken? checks are equally useful for business owners looking for checks that streamline with their accounting software. These specialized checks make processing payroll a cinch. Most come in top stub styles compatible with most computer programs though you can also buy side tear versions to keep with you while on the go.

Of the two, Quickbooks? checks are the most popular, providing personalization choices and matching check envelopes and stationery. However, Quicken? checks are just as useful for individuals owning this software program.

No matter what your personality, business or personal pleasure, fortunately you have a wealth of choices when it comes to check writing. Be sure you explore all your choices, before buying. Even better, try out a few different styles to see which match your personal preferences. We've come a long way from ancient Rome, where merchants and customers probably longed for the personalized check conveniences available today.

About The Author:
Antigone Arthur is a successful freelance writer with 10 years of professional experience providing consumers with informative articles on such topics as cheap checks, top stub checks, and ordering personal checks online.

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