Make or Break Your Retirement!

The Prudential has dubbed those who refuse to leave home as "kippers" or "kids in parents' pockets eroding retirement savings". Recent research concludes 6.8m over-18s live with their parents. Less than half pay rent, and many parents provide cash to spend.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

'As a parent you've spent over 20 years diligently caring for and raising your children. Financially supporting them and ensuring they receive the best education possible. They've attended University, graduated with a respectable degree and are ready to set up their own home. You're now looking forward to more free time with less financial obligations. BUT, due to no fault of yours, your well educated, talented, highly motivated offspring cannot afford to leave home for possibly another 5, 10 or even 15 years.'

This is a reality for many parents right now! A recent survey for BBC2's Money Programme ( found that high property prices and debts often prevent offspring leaving home well into their twenties and thirties. Further research, by independent market analyst Datamonitor, found that 67% of 18-24 year olds across Europe still relied on their parents for housing in 2004. In fact, one in seven parents with adult children have remortgaged or taken out a loan in an attempt to help them. Couple this with an ageing population, widespread concerns about retirement pensions and the long gone days of a 'job for life', it's undeniable that without taking positive action many parents and their children face uncertain financial futures.

However, these challenges create many new opportunities for parents to help their children find a path to financial security, personal growth and prosperity. Tiscali Plc, a leading European Telecommunications company is doing exactly that through Tiscali Network ( Tiscali provide aggressively priced ultra highquality telephone, broadband and mobile phone services. Tiscali Network provides thousands of people the opportunity to market and sell these products with the very minimum of investment. Through collecting a few customers and building a network of people to do the same these students, graduates, professionals, parents from all walks of life generate substantial part-time, full-time incomes and building solid residual income streams to support them in the future. In many cases, Tiscali Network provides incomes well in excess of those obtainable in traditional employment and more importantly incomes available to students or new graduates.

Tiscali stake a major part of their future with Tiscali Network ( which generates over 12% of their UK revenue grown from zero in just two years. Providing one of industries cheapest customer acquisition costs only adds to the longevity of this route to market. Coupled with a recent doubling in Tiscalis' brand awareness and the fact they pick up close to six in ten new UK broadband connections; anyone involved in Tiscali Network ( holds confidence in their financial future.

Emerging opportunities like this are driven by our changing economic, social, demographic and technological environment. Embracing these changes, educating ourselves and our children and being prepared to explore new opportunities may ultimately be the only way to secure their future.

Taking action and investigating opportunities such as Tiscali Network ( was once a task for the few. Now more than ever, it is becoming a necessity and for many parents, perhaps even a responsibility.


6.8m over-18s live with their parents. Take action to stop your retirement fund eroding. Click here =>

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