What?s New in Checking ? From Designs to Photos

Just about everyone has a checking account. Checks present easy ways to make payments and they have simply become a way of life. Most checking accounts are pretty much the same, but there are some ways that you can make the most out of your personal checks.

For years, there have been many companies that print personal checking supplies. They've been for sale at the bank, through the mail, and on the internet. Each check printer has developed their own designs, while sharing some similarities.

The new breakthrough in check personalization is the photo check. Thanks to the digital era and email capabilities we are now able to get your new checks with your own style, straight from your digital camera or scanner.

Here's how photo checks work. All you need to do is take a picture. It might be of your family, a favorite scene, or your family pet. When you go online to order your new check blanks, find a company with a photo check option. You'll order the checks and send in a jpeg image that you want for the background. They'll take care of the rest.

They get a check order, and you get the most personal checks that money can buy. Photo checks have been available for just about a year, and it is only getting easier to get them. More and more check printing companies offer the service. The prices are slightly higher for the photographic checks, but they are still quite reasonable. The checks will arrive at your door in just a couple of weeks or less.

When ordering checks online, make sure that you are checking into the many other products that the company offers. Most of the retailers also stock other valuable home office supplies. Getting all your supplies at the same place makes life much easier.

Robb Ksiazek writes and publishes valuable information on personal office supplies and checking for Checks-4U.com. There, you will find answers to all your questions from checking accounts to rubber stamps to small office supplies.

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