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What is ChexSystems?

Commonly referred to as the first of the three major "Check Systems" in the U.S., Chex Systems is an association of financial institutions that network together in order to develop a database that maintains the records of mutually unwanted customers. To make sure that only financially responsible individuals open up checking accounts at member institutions, these banks report on customers who demonstrate poor financial management skills. When a customer's checking account is closed due to demonstrated mismanagement, then he or she is reported to Chex Systems. Once done, the customer will have a very difficult time opening up an account at any other financial institution partnered with Chex Systems for the next five years.

Since the vast majority of financial institutions (banks) reject potential customers who are on file at Chex Systems, being reported to them can put an individual at an extreme disadvantage. But what, exactly, does it take to get a checking account closed and reported to Chex Systems in the first place? The answer the bank usually gives out is simply "closed for cause." Yet there are many ways that a customer can end up having his or her account terminated. These range from acts as serious as fraud to the simple irresponsibility that leads to excessive overdrafts. It is important to remember, however, that policy can vary greatly between financial institutions. Depending upon which bank is in question, instances in which accounts are "closed for cause" can involve customers:

? not reimbursing their bank for overdraft amounts

? misusing savings accounts, ATMs or debit cards

? offering information that is misleading at the time the account is opened

Yet while there are many factors that can lead to account closure, banks are not always forthcoming about the specific reason for terminating an account. This can lead to some confusion when one seeks the reason for being denied a new account. Fortunately, anyone who has been blocked from opening an account at a financial institution due to the involvement of Chex Systems can request a copy of their Chex Systems file and use the information provided on our website to begin banking again quickly.

For more information, including a free Chexsystems removal kit, and list of 100 non-Chexsystems banks, please visit

Scott Felix - Formerly stuck in Chexsystems, now a consumer advocate, freely helping people get out of Chexsystems since 2001.

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