Financing Collectibles for Fun and Profit

With the advent of the internet and especially auction services like those provided by Yahoo and E-bay, serious collectors have much larger arenas in which to buy and sell their wares. This provides the opportunity for quick discovery of hard-to-find items that previously might have taken years to find.

Depending upon the rarity of the collectible and the owner's awareness of its value, prices may range up to thousands of dollars for something of true quality in above average condition. However, there are still bargains being found everyday. A lot of things are being sold for a fraction of their true values simply because the owner wants to free up some space or rid themselves of what they perceive to be unnecessary clutter.

Savvy collectors know, not only the true values of the items that they collect, but also where and how to sell them for a profit. Unfortunately, if the item available costs more than available cash, the opportunity of a lifetime can remain unrealized. The question is: how to prevent this opportunity from being lost forever.

The answer is financing.

To finance something is to make up the difference between cash on hand and the purchase price. Depending upon the price of the item and the time it can take to liquidate it, you may have some options. If you only need a few dollars until pay day, you may be able to borrow short-term money from a relative or friend. If you need a few hundred, you might consider a cash advance on a credit card; especially if the item can be sold before the bill comes due. If you need a few thousand, neither your friends nor your credit card may be willing to accommodate you. You may want to consider a HELOC.

HELOC stands for Home Equity Line of Credit. It is an inexpensive means of borrowing money by accessing equity that you may have in your home. When you have a HELOC you can get money immediately. Interest is reasonable because it is tied to the Prime rate. Payments are low because they are interest only.

Many homeowners find that HELOC rates are considerably lower than the rates of the credit cards, personal loans and second mortgages. However, unlike credit cards and personal loans, the interest paid on a HELOC is often tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).

Given the previously described scenario, having a HELOC would allow you to write a check for items that may cost thousands of dollars. Conceivably, you could turn around and sell them, pay-off the HELOC and make a profit before your first payment becomes due.

If you would like to turn your hobby into something more serious and graduate from seller to "Power Seller" or from hobbiest to entrepreneur, a lack of cash may not be an obstacle. A HELOC could be the key to your success.

Copyright © 2005 Robert E. Jones, Jr.

Robert E. Jones is a Mortgage Loan Officer with years of experience helping homeowners manage their debt.

He is also known as "Mr. HELOC".

Robert has an established reputation as a creative problem solver. He specializes in helping homeowners use their equity and credit to achieve their personal and financial goals and overcome difficult situations.

If you have questions about HELOCs or creative financing, you can contact him by visiting

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