If I Had a Structured Settlement, I Would Use It to Pay for Gas

Has anyone been to the gas pumps lately? Soon $3 a gallon will be the asking price and we'll either have to become cyclists or create some additional income. I plan to do both of course because you can balance thrift and greed pretty well as you ride your bike to work.

I only live a few miles from my place of employment so riding my bike there is no big deal. I've already made a few practice runs, time and safest route. The problem is I live in S. Florida. And you can't stand still and not break into a sweat let alone pedal for 25 minutes.

But I'll find a way. Whatever it takes. As for the additional income side of the equation, I happen to know of a lucrative little program. It's not easy, but if making money was easy plenty of people would be rich. Being a broker for alternative cash flows is a pretty interesting side business. You get to help people, and make money at the same time. I like that.

So alternative cash flows take a number of different forms, from cashing out future settlement, annuity, or lottery payments, to equipment leasing, to business factoring. Two great resources to learn more about these businesses. www.prosperitypartners.com and the American Cashflow Association. Both educate average Joes and corporate executives alike to make money in this secondary finance industry. I personally recommend factoring, and structured settlement cash outs second.

Gas prices are going up, faster than my salary. I need to spend less and make more. If I had a structured settlement, I'd cash it in and use it to cover my gas expenses. Not for work travel, because I'll be riding my bike. But my new alternative cashflow customers might appreciate it if I show up in a car and not sweaty profusely on my bike.

Jason Rigler
"Settlement Advocate" and consultant for Prosperity Partners Customer Service Department.

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