If You are the Only User on Your Windows XP Computer, Do You Think One User Account Is Enough?

I am going to assume that you are running windows xp on your machine, and you are the only user on this machine. That is right, no one else uses your computer except you.

Let me ask you a question: How many user accounts should you have on your computer?

You probably guessing, one user account is the answer, since you are the only user on your computer. This is what most people will answer, one, just like you thought.

Here is the problem, you can run your your machine with only one user account. But, it is not a good practice.

The best practice is to have two accounts, even if you are the only user on your computer.

Here is why: when you install windows xp, a user account is created for you, called the admin account. The admin account has the highest privilege on the computer.

That is installing new programs, deleting, adding user accounts, and all the rest of the administrative services. In other words, you are the most effective user on this computer.

In order to prevent unwanted install or uninstall of programs unintentionally, you must create another user account beside the admin account. When you create another user account beside the admin account, so you prevent unwanted install or uninstall.

This is because the second account created will not have the authority of the admin on the computer.

In summary, you should have two account users on your computer, the admin, and another account you create. You always login and do work using the account created other than the admin account.

The only time you should login using the admin status, is when installing a program, or doing other tasks that can only be done by the admin.

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