Dog doors ? dog and owner reprieve

Buying dog doors online

If you need to buy a dog door then have some fun doing it online. Not only will you find discount prices but you'll have a huge selection of colors, designs, shapes, sizes and multiple features you haven't even thought about. You'll find designs that fit any wall or door with easy install instructions. Finding a dog door couldn't be much easier than online.

To begin your shopping journey you'll need to measure your doggie to determine the size you'll need. Instructions to measuring are on most all sites along with even being able to call if you have additional questions.

Wouldn't it be great if your dog could open doors? Well, generally speaking they can't. Therefore freedom and convenience for you and for your dog is right at your finger tips and just a few days away. I don't know if doggies can think but imagine how we'd feel if we had to ask permission every-time we needed to go potty! Ridiculous, but maybe our little best pet friends would also be happier with the independence that the dog door is going to provide?

We dog owner's love our dog doors because the flexible, two way panel is safe for any pet. The soft vinyl flap won't trap or injure tender paws, ears or tails....AND, the permanent magnets assure you of a draft-free, energy efficient closure.

Placing a floor mat on the inside of the dog door is also recommended. A great advantage of having the dog door installed in a wall (instead of a door) is that no one needs to know that you have a dog door. This is important for some people who fear an intruder may crawl through the dog door into your house. However, our guess is that if the dog door is big enough for an intruder to crawl through - he'd be pretty stupid to do it, as he may end up face-to-face with the big dog on the other side of the door! In any event, when you have an in-wall installation.

If you are renting your place of residence, or do not want to cut permanent holes in a wall or door, you can still have a dog door. In this case, you will want to install the dog door in either a sliding glass door, or a regular door. Dog doors that are made for sliding glass doors actually come as a whole panel (patio dog door) that you install in the doorway section; therefore it does not permanently affect your sliding glass doors in any way. Enjoy your little project as your doggie is gonna love you more for it with the new found independence a door dog provides.

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