What Dog Owners Need To Know About Dog Crate Training

Why should you use the dog crate training method?

Is the dog crate training method humane?

You may look at a dog crate and find it doesn't inspire much confidence. Don't be too quick to judge, the dog training method is highly effective.

You may find that the dog crate, one that consists of a rectangular shaped enclosure with a top, a floor, 3 sides, and a door, could just possibly be the best contraption for your dog. The dog crate training method is especially effective for puppies, although senior dogs can be trained.

What do you need to implement the dog crate training method? Buy a sturdy dog crate. These crates are usually constructed of wire, wood, metal, molded plastic or a combination of these materials. You can get a ready-made crate or have it customized, for a puppy that belongs to a larger breed.

The dog crate training method recognizes that fact that all dogs whether domesticated or untamed, share a common characteristic, they need their own confined space ? what we call a den. A dog crate then is the equivalent of the domesticated dog's den.

When you use the dog crate training method, here are some of the beneficial results your dog and you will gain from this training:

?As a result of the dog crate training, you and your family can enjoy time away from your dog, knowing your dog is comfortably ensconced in its' den. Your furniture or possessions are not in danger of being soiled, or damaged or torn apart by your dog.

?By nature, dogs not to do their business in the space they sleep in, and the crate dog training method reinforces this natural instinct.

?With the dog crate training, your dog will be less disruptive and more pliable when you need to confine his or her own crate. Some of these occasions when your dog needs to be out of the way, is when preparations for dinner is underway or there is a big crowd of guests for dinner.

?Because of the dog crate training method, your dog won't whine or bark incessantly when you put her or him in his or her own carry-all crate, when you travel. So the dog isn't underfoot.

?Another safety benefit is when the driver abruptly hits the brake; the dog won't be thrown out.

In order for your dog crate training to be a success, you must set rules.

Everyone in the family must remember that the crate is for the dog's sleeping comfort, put an old t-shirt and soft padding for the dog. But no one should ever put food or water in the dogs' bedroom/crate.

Another way to make the dog crate training effective is to establish a "crate routine" for your dog. Put the dog in his or her crate during certain hours in a day, a good time would be his or her nap time.

At night, place your dog's crate in a place where you can safely leave the door open so that the puppy can relieve his or herself outside of the crate. Once this routine has been firmly established, you can stop using the dog crate.

Effective dog crate training will prevent your dog from developing serious behavioral problems, which is a huge headache for plenty of dog owners.

As the dog owner, your part is to practice patience and consistency in carrying out the dog crate training method, so your puppy becomes one disciplined dog. Just like children, dogs are comforted by structure and consistency. Help them to acheive this with crate training and you'll have a very happy, healthy dog!

About the Author:
Tina Spriggs is an expert dog lover whose lifelong interest in canines provides the motivation for her site. To learn more about dogs or to find gifts and toys for them visit her site at Dog Gifts and Toys for Dog Lovers.

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