MSM: Enhance Your Overall Beauty, Your Hair, Nails, And Skin While Reducing Allergic Reactions

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This time you are going to be blown away by the article I'm about to put in your hands, if you are really serious about your health, you will jump and run to your health store as soon as you finish reading this piece. Ok...ok enough hype! Let's get right to it.

Rarely in life we came across a pharmaceutical drug or and herb that can deliver many benefits, although you have heard me talk about many herbs that can reduce acne while regulating hormone production, and providing essential vitamins, but none compare to the immense benefits provided by a mineral called MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane). If you ever dreamed about a product that can enhance your overall beauty, by making your hair stronger, thicker and shinier, while reducing your allergic reactions to foods, animals, dust and pollen.

Although Sulfur has existed for millions of years on the hearth's crust, and all living things have sulfur in them including us, its importance was recently discovered. Every cell in the human body contains sulfur, it is an important constituent of our skin, nails, and hair. It is also the main ingredient in collagen, the connective tissue that holds the body together.

MSM's properties and benefits have generated many questions which we will answer in this issue:

What is sulfur, and why do I need it?

Sulfur is an acid-forming mineral, that is part of several amino acids. As we mention before sulfur is present in every cell of your body, and it is needed for the production of collagen, which in turn it is used by the body to generate tissue and cartilage, this makes it very important for people suffering from arthritis, more on this later, many vitamins and amino acids, that are essential for proper functioning of the body contain sulfur as well.

What are good food sources of this sulfur?

Beef, poultry, fish, milk, and eggs are all good food sources of sulfur. Soybeans, turnips, dried beans, brussels sprouts, and kale, are also good. Broccoli, cabbage, garlic and onions contain small amounts of sulfur, a very important point needs to be made, vegetables containing small amounts of sulfur lose their properties when cooked. Chances are that your diet does not provide you with enough sulfur, plants absorb sulfur from the soil, animals eat plants absorbing sulfur from it, and we eat both animals and plants absorbing sulfur from them, however the use of chemicals and pesticides contribute the depletion of sulfur from the soil. It is very likely that the foods we eat do not contain the necessary sulfur we need to keep a healthy level of the mineral in our bodies.

If you consume too much processed foods, then for sure you are not getting enough sulfur.

What could happen if I have a sulfur deficiency? Several things could go wrong if you suffer from sulfur deficiency, one of them, is the inability to replace or repair tissue, you can also experience heighten sensitivity to pain. Also, sulfur deficiency is associated with gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, acne and memory loss. Allergies may also become a problem, plus skin, nail and hair problems are very common.

As you can see MSM is a fundamental mineral to maintain a healthy body. In our next issue we will study the benefits that MSM provide to our external appearance, We will answer the questions. What MSN does to my skin, hair, and nails? How acne sufferers can benefit from MSM? Can MSM make me look younger? And many more.

So don't miss the next issue of the HomeMade Medicine e-zine.

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