Hoshin Roshi Ryu

Hoshin Roshi Ryu is a scientific system for achieving an awakening of the Kundalini. Developed in the early 1980's by Dr. Glenn Morris, Hoshin is a step-by-step path to kundalini awakening that incorporates meditation, physical skills and healing.

The physical skills for Hoshin are based on an eclectic variety of combat (as opposed to 'sport') martial arts, primarily jujutsu and Bujinkan Taijutsu. The physical skills are included to provide a very clear pass/fail test of whether your energy skills work, as you either dodge or avoid the attack or you don't. Another benefit to the physical skills is the heightened sense of security that being able to protect oneself affords. This sense of security allows the Hoshineer to deal in a variety of ways with a possible threat, with protecting oneself physically as an absolute last resort.

The physical skills are simple and designed to neutralize any size and weight advantage an attacker may have. The focus on the physical skills is avoidance rather than fighting, and the study of strategy allows the Hoshin student to see that while violence may occasionally be necessary, it's usually a sign of failure rather than prowess.

Meditation is an important part of Hoshin, as the student must learn to become aware of the personal self, but also of the integrated whole of existence and the realization that all things are connected. The meditation exercises are simple, but profound, with sitting, standing and moving meditations taught in each class. Some of the 'energy work' included in the meditation classes includes; Sensing Intention, Seeing and feeling energy, Seeing and feeling the aura, Chakra diagnosis, and Moving energy around the body, just to name a few.

In the Healing portions of class students learn how to use energy to heal themselves and others, as well as more mundane techniques such as basic first aid and CPR. In some classes (depending on the instructor) modalities such as Reiki are also taught as part of the class. Color therapy, vibration, shamanism, massage and shiatsu are just some of the subjects covered. An important aspect of the healing classes is self-healing.

The overall focus of Hoshin training is to help create positively empowered individuals who are comfortable with themselves in almost any situation. Dedicated students experience the integration of the body, mind and spirit that few others ever experience, and the simple step-by-step nature of the training insures that those who seek, will indeed find.

To learn more about Hoshin see Dr. Morris' book "Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master". In spite of the title, the book is an excellent primer on energy work, chakras, Reiki and Kundalini Awakening. Some of the chapters include; 'The Kundalini Experience', 'Meditations for Becoming Enlightened', 'Seeing and Feeling the Aura' and 'Healing'.


Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who currently holds a Black Belt in Hoshin Roshi Ryu. He's the founder of the Kundalini Awakening Discussion Group, the Druids Circle Discussion Group and the (offline) Druids Circle in Lakewood, CO. You can find more info on all these at; www.druidscircle.info

He's also the founder and Executive Director of the Windhaven Foundation for Sustainable Living.

He writes a regular column on subtle energy for Fight Times Magazine and a twice monthly column on Kundalini Awakening at Alumbo.com.

In addition to teaching about energy work and Kundalini Awakening he donates time to teach about Renewable Energy, Alternative Building and Creating Sustainable Lifestyles in various Public Schools.

He travels and teaches as much as possible and you can find out how to attend one of his Kundalini Awakening seminars at his website at; www.windhavenco.org

His new book "Personal Mastery: Develop Your True Inner Power By Awakening Your Kundalini" is now available at http://www.lulu.com/RobertMorgen.

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