Slavers Claim To be Slaves - Taxation

The United States of America was planned by elite members of secret societies. One of those elites was Francis Bacon whose utopian book actually used what was being done in Peru as a model. Indeed you will have to read a lot more books to know that these elites were involved in the Americas since before the time of Moses but suffice it to say we have forensic analysis or Peruvian cocaine in Egyptian mummies and genetics to go along with data galore from all disciplines of science. The US Founding document has a pre-cursor Constitution from over a century earlier in the Iroquois Confederation. There were Masons with traders in America who had been here before Columbus and there was an elite group of Indians who belonged to one of their offshoots called The Mediwiwin Society. Haplogroup X genetics shows us that the Sioux are white and the Sioux are related to the Iroquois and at one time they both were the Megwi and before that they were Hopewell, Adena and Poverty Point Phoenician traders back to the time of Stonehenge if not before.

"? John Dickinson of Pennsylvania claimed in the wake of the Stamp Act of the 1760s, that 'Those who are taxed without their own consent, expressed by themselves or their representatives, are slaves.' Because England had taxed the American colonies without their consent, Dickinson continued, 'We are therefore-SLAVES.' The argument that Britain sought to make Americans slaves in the mid-eighteenth century was a gross exaggeration, but Americans used the term metaphorically to impress Britain with the seriousness of their opposition to the loss of liberty. Dickinson's words carried a great irony when he wrote them in 1768, because he was the largest slaveholder in Philadelphia at the time, and his slaves were bound by chains much stronger than metaphors." (1)

Britain had legislated an end to slavery or effectively had started the ball rolling to this end through Lord Mansfield's court decision. The nobles of America who were often Royals from their native country where their families still held power, are obviously not to be trusted when they say they are 'slaves' for any reason whatsoever. The Louisiana Purchase and the setting of the 49th Parallel as the northern border of the US are important pieces in the establishment of the country that now heads the New World Order but which is a mere continuation of the Romano-Bruttii plot to increase their control or Empire.

So many people who you may regard as heroes are not very heroic at all. I have had to face this issue in regards to many of my family or ancestry. It is not all that different today than it was when Andrew Jackson promised blacks their freedom and they fought alongside his men in the Battle of New Orleans. He then called James Roberts (a black man who fought valiantly) 'presumptuous' for reminding him of his promise. People need a real lesson in ethics if there is to be any actual change or Peace and Harmony on earth.

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