I Wouldnt Change A Thing

CHAPTER ONE: From Riches to Rags:

When I look back upon my life in this round of the soulful experience I have enjoyed so much; there are many things that seem almost too good to be true. I have chosen to be a very unusual 'bird' or a weird duck to be sure. I was blessed by being taught the Joy of Learning before I went to school at the age of four. It also seems I was always in the last year of getting into courses or schools before one needed to be older or have more education. Thus the only grades I skipped in schools were Kindergarten and my B. A. I would have skipped many others if they allowed this while I was attending school. I could have tested out of Grade Thirteen when I was eleven years old and I probably would have gotten a higher mark than I did. In fact I could have tested out of a B.A. at that juncture and I was usually able to argue against what was being taught as historical fact better than the teachers. This book is a personal biographical account to some degree and I will have to tout my own horn a lot; while explaining what might appear to be insane actions such as giving my all for mankind and life on earth rather than pursuing the materialistic 'get yours' paradigm.

Here is a response of mine to someone on a website called Mind-Brain.com regarding the 2004 Presidential debates or campaigns.

'It is naïve to think that 'more of the same' will lead to change - for sure. That is why we need leaders. Asoka did it and he was highly successful, but in the Euro-Centric reality of what now runs the world and has ever since the Trojan War for most of this planet - no there are no examples of anything other than what you say.

So again I say - who is trying to make any real change - neither of these guys - that is certain.

Now, Dan - can you address the many important points I have raised and why there is no discussion about them? I may be naïve as you say - but I don't keep my head under some pile of poop like the ostrich that is kept in an enclosed pen and has no other way to judge his reality. We are not going to exist as a species if this continues. I found it almost humorous how they suggested Putin is doing anything more than the US media moguls (read Rothschild paladins) have already done in terms of media concentration under totalitarian control.

And maybe that is as it should be - because man has shown over and over again that he is not really interested in making the world a better place for himself or his women and children, much less the other beautiful lifeforms we share this planet with.'

And I guess you need to see those questions that I listed. I could have listed a thousand similar questions to be certain. It is depressing to see how great things could be and yet none of our leaders is talking about what could put an end to constant war and the 'get yours' power-mongering mentality. Here are some of the REAL issues that are not being addressed.

1. Who will get the life-extending genetic enhancements that will extend life potential to 900 by the year 2070?

2. Who will own space and get the benefit of man's collective and tax based support of space colonization which could make everyone a millionaire?

3. What is SDI really for - see Kucinich's tabled Bill.

4. Why does the Fed and IMF (etc.) get to determine the economic reality for all nations including those listed in the War on Terra that do not belong to the World Bank or have Central Banks?

5. Should corporate and churchly behemoths have more rights than individuals (dare I also say nations) - see Chomsky. What entitles them to seek tax free and other enhanced status offshore while shelving technology that would empower all people in the world to compete?

6. Why do Congressional and Senate people who did not read the WTO {World Trade Agreements that Ralph Nader proved none had read and yet they voted on it.} not spend time in jail?

7. How can DARPA be headed up by a known criminal?

8. How can Kissinger avoid warrants from the World Court?

9. Who determined the NWO plan spoken about by Woolsey and Bennett (George I too) that makes all nations have to answer to the 900 pound gorilla?

10. Do corporations and religions that own the media have far too much influence - other lobbyist issues that grow worse all the time?

So how did I get to be such a 'weirdo'? Why would a person who succeeded in most everything and who was a self-made millionaire before the age of thirty choose to live in the worst conditions society in Canada can devise? Maybe it won't interest too many people and it surely won't get published by any mainstream publisher. Heck I have so many great and well-researched books that expose the paradigm, and real knowledgeable people who agree with me are often saying things like 'No way you'll get a major publisher to promote this.' But you need to see some more of what happens when I try to get people to face these issues. The Dan person is a supposed physicist and he called my points 'paranoid' after the earlier comment about me being naïve. Here is my response to that well-reasoned and thoroughly compassionate remark.

'Dear Dan

Ignorance is bliss. None of the points is unsubstantiated and you are simply unaware.

Paranoia includes 'projection' and you are a master of that as well as an admitted sufferer of depression which also is part of the complex - so maybe you know that aspect of what you are talking about.

I gave you an example of one peaceful leader and you take it to an extreme when you say if it ever existed it would still exist. This simplistic and largely untrue premise behind Hobbes, Fukayama and other social engineers is the propaganda you and most idiots who do not study history are caught up in.

Your kind are the reason that we can have good leaders who might want change and yet they cannot succeed or are burned at the stake - do you want a list of those kinds of leaders or visionaries? Have you ever reached outside your thoroughly negative walls of hatred and pubescent ego to try - probably you did - and were stomped into the state you call life. Sorry - I am not up for such fearful paranoia - and yes, FEAR is what motivates most of those who will think that the US foreign policy has any factual basis at all. Fear of losing the two cars in the garage because they do not know what technology could do and how great a potential there is to make the world a better place - if only people would stop killing and start planning for something real rather than all that paranoia that Bushco and Bonesmen are promoting.'

Then a person made a real response that tells a lot of truth.

It is the response of a Professor of Political Science. The world trembles as the future beckons.

"What answers are being denied you? None. You just don't like the answers and don't want to face the real world.

1. Who will get the life-extending genetic enhancements that will extend life potential to 900 by the year 2070?

Powerful people mostly in the advanced countries. Partly good (we certainly don't need 900 yr lifespans in starvations zones) and partly bad (more of us non-powerfuls deserve it than they do)

2. Who will own space and get the benefit of man's collective and tax based support of space colonization which could make everyone a millionaire?

Two different questions. The first: the USA, more or less. That's good. Second, there is no "man's collective tax base". Anyway, if everyone was a millionaire, being a millionaire wouldn't mean anything. What a dunce-like statememt.

3. What is SDI really for?

USA etc. domination of the world system-- SHs and NKs could ideally be nipped the bud long before they fester. That's good.

4. Why does the Fed and IMF (etc.) get to determine the economic reality for all nations including those listed in the War on Terra that do not belong to the World Bank or have Central Banks?

Because they have all the money. Money is pretty important in economic reality. Here's a heart-breaking revelation for you: Banks control your economic reality, too.

5. Should corporate and churchly behemoths have more rights than individuals (dare I also say nations) Ceteris paribis, no. What entitles them to seek tax free and other enhanced status offshore while shelving technology that would empower all people in the world to compete? Economic clout and property rights (if it's their tech, it's their tech.)

Why would they want to empower the competition?

6. Why do Congressional and Senate people who did not read the WTO not spend time in jail?

Not reading is a crime? Not "reading" the WTO? That doesn't make sense.

7. How can DARPA be headed up by a known criminal?

Who's the criminal? DARPA can be headed by anyone who's appt.

8. How can Kissinger avoid warrants from the World Court?

Same way that you avoid warrants from the Goose Neck Vigilante Club. He is a US citizen/former official and the US doesn't recognize the "World Court" as a legitimate body. Kidnapping is a crime the US recognizes, tho.

9. Who determined the NWO plan spoken about by Woolsey and Bennett (George I too) that makes all nations have to answer to the 900 pound gorilla?

A bunch of concerned Anglo-Saxons who still figure they've repeatedly won the right to basically govern the world-- 1815, 1919, 1945, 1991, etc. And we're the better off for it, by all apparent measures.

10. Do corporations and religions that own the media have far too much influence - other lobbyist issues that grow worse all the time?

Yes. But the fact that they have more influence than nutcases is a good thing."

I never was politically correct to say the least. And if we were to talk about politics you might think I was an elitist despite the fact that I gave up the materialistic world I had been a millionaire in at least twice. Living in a group home and working to make the people and system a little better at the grossest and lowest level doesn't sound like the act of an elitist but I am well aware of the pitfalls of socialistic bureaucracy. I am also getting to see the extent of waste and destructive victimization of victims in the hands of the people who are always saying more money is needed to address the homeless or mental health community. Here is another response to a thread on the Delphi Oracles which may help set the stage for the nature of what knowledge I am now cursed with.

Do you think the Delphi Oracles were responsible for a quantum leap?

Yes, social engineering and a focus on some thought or stable system has cultural impacts as Mumford showed they helped achieve - though the Athenian School and sages were more effective in that regard. But in reality the Intellectual and spiritual systems such as Michael Grant notes were the major influence through the millennium before Christ are (like the oracles) part of a more ancient tradition - so no leap occurred other than the Hellenizing plagiarization that is reflected in our propagandized history.

A more relevant exploration would be the formation that occurred in this period - of all religions now with us. Fukayama calls them 'absolute religions' and C. S. Lewis or Merton call them 'higher religions'. The era of the 6th Century BCE and Confucius, Buddha and Zoroaster are all derived from the same people or schools of thought. These schools of thought had been reorganized by Tuthmosis in the millennium before that according to many. This is around the time of Moses/Akhenaten. But long before that these schools helped more people find their true role in soul and with the 'collective'.

Plato observed that the advent of a writing alphabet greatly diminished the disciplined pursuit of knowledge or wisdom. Once people could simply refer to books they did not interiorize this knowledge. That occurred around the same time that Tuthmosis reorganized the Mystery Schools and was part of a Phoenician (Hyksos) plan for society as I see it.

The crux of the Kabbalists or Rabbinical 'twisting' of Qabala has much to do with this in our laws, structures of society and in the ethereal world around us.

And in case anyone thinks I regard it as healthy to look back on your life and say something as stupid as the title of this book suggests ? I do not. I would love to have the chance to do many things differently and yet in the final analysis I might never have gotten the blessings I have and I would probably not have enjoyed life more. I regard the fulfillment of one's potential and ethical purpose higher than I regard most all else in life. It is that perspective that leads me to title this book as I have. The fact that I could not handle the wealth I had at various times in my life is an indication that I am not as advanced as I would have liked to have been.

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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Oxford students demand university fire famed philosophy prof for ‘homophobia’  LifesiteThey're accusing him of 'discriminatory conduct' for his perspectives on homosexual behavior.

The Cosmic Eggs

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Visions Of Heaven And Hell On Earth

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Crop Circles and Critical Mass

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William Butler Yeats

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Belief is Closure

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