Angel Inspired E-mails

This morning, I awoke somewhat down. As little seems to be going great in my new-to-a-wheelchair life, I guess I was falling victim to the old depression devil. He slips up on us and we may not even recognize him.

Apathetically, I checked my e-mail and behold, an unsolicited e-mail from a reader of my FSBO mystery novel awaited me. It was as if someone had just poured some sunshine over my rain-soaked soul. The reader even said she had written a book review and posted it on Amazon, from where she had ordered her copy. It is hard to express how good that unexpected e-mail made me feel.

When we contend daily with physical and/or emotional challenges, it is easy to occasionally forget how blessed we really are. Who of us is not confronted by problems? Who does not have need to receive some positive reinforcement?

Not that we should rely, or be dependant, on others to establish or maintain our self-worth. Yet, it can be so refreshing to receive a communication from someone who is moved to invest a little of their precious time to send something besides a joke having added our name to a list of people they routinely forward humor to.

The 91 Psalm promises that God has given His angels charge over us, to guide us in ALL of our ways. I actually think that, once in a while, an angel taps someone on the shoulder and whispers, "You could send a little personal e-mail to ?" Yes, I am certain that our angels are in communication. I don't believe that good angels push us. Rather, like the rational reasoning's of good people, angelic beings can be heard, and their wise council understood, by those persons who will listen.

I am in no way here suggesting that anyone should go seeking wisdom from angels. The Bible specifically cautions against that! Yet, I do feel led to acknowledge their marvelous provision that is provided by a benevolent creator to aid mankind.

Today, I feel that an angel encouraged the e-mail by one reader of my novel to brighten my day. Hey, this is the first article I've written in four months! Perhaps, I will once more spend some time writing? Could this be my gardian angel's way of telling me to post my musings on and for ezine readers?

Russ Miles is the author of the thriler/mystery novel For Sale By Owners:FSBO. Disabled by Multiple Sclerosis, Russ writes articles on many subjects and has his own website comments to [email protected] and/or [email protected]

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