7 Things You Must Do If You Want To Make That Perfect Camera Shot

Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand. Margaret Bourke-White

These tips should help you relive those moments back where you've said "if only I had a camera." Now you will have it captured on film. These tips should help you to be camera ready.

1. Get as close as you can to the subject or action

Remember, if you're using a instant camera
a lot of them have a minimum shooting
distance. This is usually about two metres.

If your closer than that, your shots will be
out of focus.

Try to take shots with the viewer
focused on the subject. Meaning the closer to the
subject filling the viewer the better.

2. Photos Tell A Story

Photos of an event or activity such as camping with a
group or fishing trip with family and friends tells a
great story for all to relive and enjoy.

3. Decide What It Is You Want and Don't Want in The Picture

Its best to keep the background as uncluttered as you
can. Background clutter will remove the focus from
your subject.

4. Take Surprise Shots

You'll get some great shots if you take pictures when
people least expect them. Just think of the facial
expressions you'll get.

5. Make a Slide Show

Slide shows are great to have later when those involved
in the activity can watch and laugh at themselves and
relive the activity in their minds.

6. Liven Up Posed Shots

Try to avoid taking boring posed shots. Instead of using
"Say Cheese" try have people say Rumplestilskin.

That should help get a real smile. If people see you're going to
take their picture, tell them you will click on four and
then click on three.

That should catch them in a more relaxed state.

7. Camera Hardware Tips

Does your camera have the correct options set up?

Check your lens and make sure its clean. it could have a
finger print on it. That would make it almost impossible
to focus.

Check to see if you have auto focus or manual focus. Test
it to see if it will work as stated in your manual. Make sure
you know how to control it.

if you are using slide film set the ISO button
one spot ahead of the film. An example would be
if your using ISO 64 slide film, set the ISO at 80.

The results will be deeper colour saturation and
more vibrant shades of yellow, red, and orange. This
tip will not work with print film.

Using a digital camera, always make sure the battery
is charged.

For more room on your memory card delete all
pictures you don't want to keep. Your now ready for some
fun and games clicking away with your camera.

For more excellent tips, surf to Kodaks web page at

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