I Shall Wait...

I Shall Wait..

On all the new mornings, and every singking evening, I wear a small crescent, in the finest of my accent...

Those memories come up storming, that tender touch so warming, That lovely soothing weather, Feeling as light as a feather, With hands across each other, And nothing else to bother...

With a feeliing as to fly, in the open blue sky, That lonely bank of the river, and a mild wintery shiver,

With silence all around us, and the huge Eucalyptus The water flowing faster with our murmur and our laughter, Those cascading whispers, Calm nature being a listener..

The sky appeared timid, and the rivir far too vivid, That firm hug under the vine, Sent chills down my spine.

A flicker on the nose and a peck on cheeks, and then apart for several weeks, I miss, so much the warm affection, Soul to soul- a pious connection, The care in your eyes and a tickle on chin and those caresses par satin...

It's lonely sans you, Oh my dear! Being far away, I feel you near I feel your sound right within, Like droplets sound on the terrace tin.

When the world goes dark you be light, To cross over the fiercest night, I shall keep waiting like the stars in space... Till the darkness vanishes to send new phase.

I long for you, I long for you, For morning sun, just like nights passed do, I shall find a new way to my fate, I shall wait and wait and wait and wait...

Shilpa Malaiya is a computer science engineer and currently pursuing her masters in Human Resources. She writes poetry and articles on a wide range of topics- [email protected]

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