Is Reinstating The Draft Such a Bad Idea?

In his bid for the presidency, John Kerry pronounced a "secret plan" to reinstate selective service. The fact that New York Democrat and fellow leftist Charles Rangel had proposed this plan wasn't mentioned, so Kerry's allegation created hysteria within the blue states. But there are several ways in which reinstating the draft could benefit our country.


Too many people in the United States believe that the freedoms granted them under the Constitution are an entitlement program provided by the government. A general paucity of historical education, combined with a public education agenda derogatory to the Founding Fathers as well as God, contribute to this attitude. The fact is, the Founding Fathers understood that codifying our freedoms within a constitution was only part of the picture, but our freedoms are ultimately earned and protected through military preparedness and the judicious use of force, generation after generation. The reinstatement of selective service creates the opportunity for every citizen to participate in the protection of the freedoms they hold dear, and having thus participated, would contribute to a greater appreciation of and gratitude for those freedoms.


One reason that war has traditionally created a phenomenal decline in the unemployment rate is that during a war, a large section of the workforce is taken out of the labor market. By reinstating the draft, unemployed young people would in fact become employed, and would no longer be counted among the jobless.

Within that population, there are many with limited to no job experience or skill development. During peacetime, military service can help young people develop their skills and become more focused on "what they want to be when they grow up." Military service is a more effective career development tool than is a series of low-paying, dead-end jobs.


Unlike many conservatives, I firmly believe that women as well as men should have military obligations. If we women truly want to claim equality under the law, we have an obligation equal to that of men to protect and defend the Constitution which allows us to make that claim. Women in the United States have the right to vote, to own property, to receive an education, to work outside the home, to pray, and to speak our minds on social policy. Why should we be exempt from action when those rights are threatened? Feminists fought long and hard to allow women to serve in combat roles; including women in selective service call-ups is the logical result.


Gun control advocates use the excuse that the average citizen shouldn't own guns, as the Constitution only guarantees the right to bear arms to those involved in a "well-regulated militia." Having every citizen actually be a soldier eliminates this argument. Plus, having more law-abiding people actually trained in the effective use of firearms would certainly contribute to the safety and security of cities and towns across the country.

The United States is one of the only countries that does not mandate military service for its citizens. Our partner and ally, Israel, has always expected its citizens to be prepared, trained, and ready to defend itself against the burgeoning monster of terrorism. Since the events of 9/11, shouldn't we begin to think along those same lines?

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Jean Fritz is a farmer and freelance writer, residing in the incorrigibly "red" state of Indiana. She can be reached via email, or through her website:

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