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Lack of Peace, Reaching Critical Mass

You have in front of you two buttons, one is green the other is black. The green button represents peace and love, the black button represents war and hate and you were put in charge of choosing what the rest of humanity will experience on earth. Which one will you choose and why?

New Age authors write that the thoughts of only a few can change the circumstances of the world.

Over twenty five years ago I was taught Transcendental Meditation and during that course we learned that critical mass (the minimum number of people that can sustain a major change) would come when only one percent of the world's population learned to meditate. We understood that this small group of individuals had the power to change the outcome of the world's circumstances.

In the book Edgar Cayce's Millennium Prophecies by Mark Thurston, PhD., Mark suggests that only a few hundred people could achieve critical mass and this would cause the world to experience a quantum change, in other words the thoughts of only a few souls being in tune or harmony with God can bring peace and love to the world. As these souls raise their vibrational levels, others will automatically raise theirs by proximity as a single virus introduced into a cell can affect the whole body.

I would like to go all the way and say that I believe (know) that it would take only one soul in harmony with God (creator) to change the world.

For as many souls that we now have on this planet approximately 6 billion, there are also 6 billion different worlds existing in the same time and space. Each of us is experiencing and creating the circumstances of our existence in these physical worlds. To say less of us is to say less of the creator and it would suggest that we do not have unconditional love to experience unconditional freedom. The world exists only in our minds and we each choose individually how we are going to experience it. Thought, word and deed brings into physical manifestation which we want to experience.

We are all connected to the power that creates the world we wish to experience. Everything that is physical is drawn to us so that we can create our own world. It is not so for fetched if we consider that we live in an illusion, physical material is the densest form of light and is a projection of our own thoughts. We agree on certain things at a subconscious level of thought because the illusion is shared between souls, we assume consciously that we are experiencing the same world as one.

Peace cannot be experienced by trying to bring peace to the world. It can only be experienced by knowing that there is already peace. The road to peace starts in your own world, the one that you are creating. In all that you know, you must know peace first in order to experience it. Peace must be your experience; you cannot know peace while you are experiencing war or while you are fighting for peace. You cannot love while you hate and you cannot be for peace while you are against war. No war can be about peace. War is at the opposite end of the two ended stick; to know love you must move towards love and away from war. War simply means that there is less peace, in truth love is all there is.

In all that you do, you must do it peacefully. Create peace in your mind and you shall experience it in physical life. What you give away comes back to you, and what you hold onto you lose. Give away peace and you will always experience peace.

Do not try to change the worlds of others, but strive to experience what it is you desire for your world simply by thinking about it, speaking it and experiencing it. Give power to that which you are creating, not that which you do not want to create and the fastest way to experience peace is to know that you already have it. Faith, hope, trust and wishful thinking are steps to knowing that you are moving towards peace and that you do not have it yet. It also removes the responsibility from you for creating it.

You must always know that you have the power within self to create what you desire. You must know that it is you that is creating peace because you have the connection to the universal power and the creator responds to your demands, and finally you must know that you are the creator in individualized physical form. You are reacting to your own thoughts about what it is that you want to experience. You have both the thought and the power to experience peace. You are the "this and that," the "ying and the yang," "the giver and the taker," "the peace lover and the war monger." Choose what it is that you want to experience in this wonderful playground that you are creating.

You are the Captain this is your ship, you are the creator and the created. If it is peace that you want to experience, create peace in your life. If it is trying to move a warring world towards peace that you are experiencing, then that is what you have created, and you will never experience peace. Know that it is absolutely appropriate for other worlds to be at war given that we have absolute unconditional love to create our worlds as we see fit. To the level of awareness that we have that war does not work for us, will be the level of peace that we experience. As long as we believe that war works for us, we shall experience it.

If you are wishing for a peaceful world, then that is what you will experience. If you have hope for a peaceful world, that is all you will experience. If you trust that man or God will bring peace to the world eventually, that is what you will experience and that will always happen in the future, you will never experience peace now.

Peace comes now, to those that know they have it. Forget about the rest of the world, it's not going to happen. Experience peace in your mind and your world will reflect that thought. Experience is a thought manifested, you are never a victim of circumstance you are creating it.

To the degree that you know that you have the power to change will be the degree that you will experience change. If you limit your power, you will limit your experience. If you are waiting for change you will always experience waiting for change.

If what I have written is not part of your philosophy you will probably already have a very good understanding of way you feel powerless to change your world. You have no power if you do not claim it. It is you the reader that does not experience peace because you do not know it and you are still searching for peace that is why you are reading this.

Peace is always an individual choice, simply choose to experience it and know that peace is what you represent.

If peace is simply a matter of pushing the correct button, what thoughts are holding you back? There-in is the truth that you seek, the answer to peace.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker and Teacher. Roy has written and published five books on New Age wisdom. Roy's books are thought provoking and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His books and articles are written in the simplicity and eloquence of Zen wisdom.

You may not always agree with what he has to say. You will always come away with a new perspective and your thinking will never be the same.

Roy's style is honest and comes straight from the heart without all the metaphorical mumble jumble and BS.

Visit Roy at:

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