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A Component of Liberty is a Strong Social Contract with Governing Body

Recently I got to talking with a gentleman at a coffee shop who was concerned with changes due to the Patriots Act I and II and being a studier of historical record he began to explain to me the significance of these events and what it meant for Americans and what it said about our Constitution and Leadership. So, then here is a summary of thoughts preceding this conversation and an open ended debate for those who dare to question authority or those who find themselves thinking conspiracy theory thoughts while watching events unfold in our mass media. We are all on the same team, whether you see your self as a Conspiracy Theorist, Establishment Lover or Questioner of Authority, so open discussion should move forward, let me begin without further ado with an opener of random thoughts surrounding this matter.

A Component of Liberty is a Strong Social Contract with Governing Body

One must consider that civilization requires a strong social contract from its people to survive. In the "Prince" by Machiavelli we see there are many ways to maintain leadership, thru "Being Feared and Respected" or "Loved and Respected". In the United States we are our government and thru a strong sense of nationalism in knowing this fact we more often than not have a government which is loved and respected. What happens if the social contract becomes in jeopardy because of inappropriate actions taken by those who are chosen to lead and/or promise to give of themselves to lead? How can order be maintained? One answer is to lead by fear. Yet being in fear of ones government is not a good plan for longevity of the leadership or the individual making up the populous. Animosity insights a second reciprocal response against the leadership and or system (flows of civilization) and such disruptions slow the forward progress of a nation. Any populous which allows further escalation of such animosity and retribution or punishment to continue without making note of it, has in fact given into the tyranny or perceived inappropriate actions and thus has given up their liberty and if that nation is a Republic or Democracy has in fact by the very nature of allowing such given up a piece of their individual liberty and done so at the detriment of the whole.

If one is to take physical action against appropriate actions of the leadership the leadership is quick to label such individuals as terrorists to society and use such labels to appease the masses as they quell the anti-system endeavors of those few individuals. When the number of individuals grows, there are factors in place, which can disrupt the whole of the system and cause havoc to the civilization and society. In this case small rebellious acts if not dealt with effectively will start the beginnings of revolution. As the leadership attempts to divide the hopefully separate factions of individuals sticking up for their perceived rights of freedom against the leadership or system each side works to set forth a trend and to label the other to further their support of the populous to their side of the issue. The leadership will surely label the opposing force as 'guerilla' or 'terrorist' while the deposed individuals will use media, rumors and disruptive acts to label the leadership as unfit to lead pointing inappropriate actions against their perceived rights. Guerilla VS Established Government Theory of conflict:

Leadership, which has been admonished by small groups of individuals in our modern times using the Internet or mass media to label 'unfit to lead' attempts to mega phone their voice and gain popular support often creating news worthy events or providing what if scenarios and conspiracy theories to undermine the public relations efforts of those powers that be. If we are our government and we fail to right negative trends which will undermine our system from those who try to disrupt then we will lose the efficiencies of the over all system and governmental structure and thus to our detriment find issue with the most important flows of our civilization.

If we allow those who are in the strong leadership positions to run amuck and unbalance the 'checks and balances' of our Republic then we also will lose in that the systems of the civilization no longer work for the people, but rather we are enslaved to them and to the government which uses those systems to control its populous. In many countries, which call themselves democracies and pretend to have guidelines set up for fairness in the form of underlining doctrines or memos of understanding with its people and call such works Constitutions.

In the United States many have asked why are we so divided now? Why have we divided ourselves between word and labels such as "Democrat" or "Republican" and "conservative" and "liberal" when in actuality none of us believe in the ever-changing definition of either side in its entirety. Still we draw lines in the sand and fight against not an enemy but against ourselves? What is interesting is much of the negative attacks on the leadership comes from across the pond and the World Media which has slandered our structures and leadership due our incredible advances in world politics. This is because the United States has incredible economic control of world markets and world endeavors, which it is constantly leveraging to serve its political will and corporate interests. Many times current leadership opposing Americans using the new found information, which they consider knowledge, from World Media opinion and commentary will take those in charge to task. Asking tough questions, sometimes in attacking ways, even embellishing the perceived problems, these folks will use such issues in their political endeavors to attack the current leadership and attempt to offer an alternative.

It is important that all critical debate come from within the minds of the populous in our country and not be completely defined from those on foreign shores who wish to further their ambitions and curtail our foreign policies of political will or US interests whether they be from Multi-National Corporations or private investment. It is equally important that our leadership be cognizant of where such slanderous attacks are coming from and why. Studies should be done showing the progression of off shore attacks labeling leadership 'unfit to lead' as it effects our government and our trust in the leadership. The leadership should work hard to be honest and forthright with the American People at all times unless such secrets cannot be available due to national security.

It would be difficult for anyone to debate that we are a divided country. That is to say we have allowed such separations based on political parties between ideals set forth by Republicans and Democrats. How can this have happened? Simple because, WE, our government has been perceived by many to have broken the spirit of its contract with, We, the people. And many have in their hearts broken their social contract with the government. They do not feel it is appropriate to go with the flow, because they feel lied to, because the mass media has told them that they have been lied to and therefore should be upset or 'mad as hell' and not take it anymore. After the election many said they would move to Canada. This shows the enormity of the problem and the dilemma we now face as a whole. Bringing the country back together is important, but maintaining our ideals and principles set forth in our doctrine is omnipotent.

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