Cloaking Giant Airships is Possible, Why Stop There?

We know we can cloak a giant airship from those looking up at it by simply using a video to tape what is above it and then display that on the bottom of the blimp. Those looking up at it will see not see a blimp but rather the sky above displayed like a giant flat movie screen which has been curved around the bottom of the blimp. Showing on the screen will not be Goodyear, Fuji, Budweiser or buy GM. It will be an exact picture image of the clouds, sky or stars directly above the airship. This technology exists now and has been tested, the technology is not so difficult or complicated, and it is relatively simple and easy to understand.

In my proposed idea, the blimp would take a picture of the sky above and play a picture of a futuristic looking space ship within the screen, it would then project the object or space ship moving across the bottom of the blimp then continue the projection of the object or space ship out in front of the blimp at a rapid rate to project the image moving at unbelievable speeds, the bottom of the blimp would then continue to cloak itself by displaying what is exactly above it. Thus the enemy sees the projected flight image of whatever it is you want them to see, while you fly your blimp uninhibited and unseen.

You can project a B-1 bomber moving forward or a B-2 moving sideways off the flank and continuing a speed only reserved in the mind for a Super Scramjet, UFO or a God assisted spaceship. Imagine the face on your enemy trying to figure out what just happened? Projecting a flying wing or flying disk is no problem and would add to the cultural phenomena in the minds of many as to the UFO question. It would also play with their minds and make them think about whether they were following a true God. Many of our enemies are religious fundamentalist in their thinking such a sighting would literally destroy their belief system and with it their self confidence and question of their resolve. Psyche Wars never looked so good?

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