Using a Meteor Shower as Decoy for ICBM Attack

In the event of that a threatening nation to the security of America requires a pre-emptive attack, we may wish to consider creating a News Event of an expected meteor shower in the media or consider launching the attack during a real meteor shower. There are many events such as Solar Flares, Space Weather which could give us a few minutes of additional surprise as the enemy looks to consider if in fact it is something else, before they launch, thus giving our multiple warheads time to reach separation point, it also allows us to allow for separation of multiple dummy warheads as decoys to overwhelm the enemies defenses to help us fulfill our kill ratios on desired targets.

On the flip side our Missile Defense system should categorize all solar storms, meteor showers, UFOs, etc, so that we can in fact determine the differences so we do not try to launch a defense against nothing and jeopardize the integrity of our missile supply. A computer program needs to be developed to instantly tell us if we are seeing a solar anomaly or if the meteor shower is exactly what it is and not an enemy surprise attack under cloak of the known meteor shower.

If you have thoughts on our Missile Defense System or ideas on using ICBMs to surgically attack key targets of our enemy without risking pilots, planes and expensive equipment in the battlespace to protect the American People and serve our political will and most of all to WIN.

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