Quick Thought on The Flow of Fuel and Costs

Without the flow of fuel our very mobile society comes to a complete stand still. When the supplies get low and the free-markets dictate higher prices; every one of us feels the pain in some way.

We are effected no mater where we live, what we do, where we go, what we drive, where we live or who we are. This is because the economics of supply and demand affect every flow that we know. The price of fuel in the transportation that delivers to us the things we need and desire is added on to the prices of those items.

Every item that we purchase, buy, beg, borrow, steal or trade for is delivered by a truck, train, plane, automobile, ship or other form of transportation and many times a combination of those. Every single one of those forms of transportation requires some type of fuel and in the future when some types of transportation do not require such fuels, it will still affect you also in some way.

This could be in a very positive way or could be in a negative way, due to future transportation options becoming obsolete and therefore less competition in the transportation sector. This again is all Due to; supply and demand of the fuel that such transportation does not need. When a product in the future can be delivered such items without fuel, then it's place in the transportation mix will go up in demand. This is because; when the price of fuel for competing transportation goes up, more usage will be placed on it to meet such demand.

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