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Population Control and Water Supply Issues

As we increase our populations every new soul will require increased infrastructure efficiency or expanding of the systems of civilization and nothing is more important than that of water supplies and distribution. The flow of clean and fresh water has to do with which way the rivers flow and the weather that delivers the water to the land by way of rain.

Some day we maybe able to control the weather; this will truly be a major accomplishment of mankind in the next decade, but in the meanwhile we must not underestimate the World's need for water flows. Within the same time period the population of the World will more than double meaning the already stressed third world nations will be beyond crisis. They will need to limit population growth now otherwise there will be continued malnutrition, civil wars, mortality rates, disease, unhealthy water from sewage and death.

If you look at the African Continent there are areas that are not able to sustain the current level of population much less anymore people. Millions dies in the Ethiopia drought of 1984. The West African droughts of 1972, 1975, 1984 and 1985 were blamed on EU factories and sulfur dioxide. If the flow of water is not fixed there it will be replaced by the flow of blood as anarchy sets in due to the shortages of the most basic need to sustain life. This has been debated but the region suffered 20-50% less rainfall during those years on an already stressed situation. .

In North Korea the droughts of seven years leading up to 2001 nearly sank the country. Australia also had a huge drought; much more critical than anyone was willing to admit. Here are just a few of the industries and problems that the lack of water flow in this drought caused on their flow of products, agriculture, transportation and drinking water. .

China has been having some problems on their incredible project on the Yellow River Basin to bring flow to their largest coastal cities. Makes the San Francisco Bay area wonder if they should not try to attempt their own huge project as the Chinese immigrants come in on ships and planes to the region to stay, live and work? San Francisco Reservoir; .

But it is something they had to do to continue. The issues we deal with here are nothing compared to other countries with less land and more people per acre. They have already over stressed to the max. We have been watching the plight of the farmer in this country and fights over populated cities VS the farmer and Industry. These issues are huge and they affect our economy, industries, jobs, food supply and prosperity.

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