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Union Members Don t Be Fooled, Conservative Talkers Have it in for You

Ever wonder why labor unions consistently endorse democrats over republicans in nearly every election? The answer is simple. Democratic officials support the right of workers to unionize and collectively bargain. Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, communicated loud and clear that he didn't recognize unions, or their right to strike, when he decertified the air traffic controllers union in 1981. This executive order led to the largest labor protest in our nation's history when 400, 000 men and women protested in Washington, DC against the policies of the Reagan administration. Reagan's message was clear; it is legal to fire striking workers.

Listening to talk radio today, you would think that the millions who listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are all large business owners. They can't possibly be working people. Blue collar laborers would never support talk show hosts whose ideas and rhetoric are overtly anti-union, right? Wrong. American working people, who live pay-check to pay check, all too often think they have more in common with Donald Trump than a homeless person. Nevertheless, they are often one-paycheck away from homelessness and millions of dollars away from the financial status of "The Donald," or Sean Hannity, for that matter. And it's not just big national names like Hannity and Rush. New York talk radio host Curtis Sliwa, who has changed his political ideology as often as a chameleon changes colors, recently criticized home-health care aids for striking over their seven dollar an hour salaries.

Nevertheless, these hosts position themselves as heroes of the working class. What's worse is working class callers like Vinny from Queens and Joe from the Bronx contribute to the success of anti-labor talk-hosts like Sliwa and WABC overnight man Steve Malzberg. Malzberg appeared at a labor rally at New York's City Hall standing beside Fire and Police Department union leaders calling for a raise. New York City teacher's union President Randi Weingarten was there with Malzberg, too. I wonder if she knows that Malzberg mocks New York City teachers nightly, calling them unqualified and their students ill-prepared. Surely he believes these unqualified teachers deserve a raise! Malzberg's support for the police needs no explanation. All good conservatives support the police.

One should not be puzzled as to why union members vote for the Republican politicians that pass anti-union legislation. Sure labor unions protect their workers from layoffs, negotiate salary increases and protect benefits and pensions, but it's the republicans that protect the working class from the socialist-democrats who take working people's hard earned money and give it to lazy, crack addicted, baby making minorities. Good Catholics like Hannity use their forum to make sure that our hard earned taxdollars are not redistributed to the poor.

I thought the gospel mentions in passing about taking care of the poor. I must be wrong. And the atheist democrats, who want to take "In God we trust" off our money, somehow think it's the responsibility of a civilized society to provide housing, food and medical care to the poor. Like Limbaugh says, "?the democrats are about symbolism over substance." Why should the wealthiest nation in the world, The United States, make sure all of its citizens have a place to sleep and have access to free medical care? Such radical ideas are only embraced by the socialist members of the G-8. Well, I guess that makes them all socialist, or dare I say it, LIBERAL.

Now those of you who are union members remember: unions reward mediocrity. You would be far better off in the laissez-faire world of Walter Williams. You don't have to read Bill O'Reilly's book to know who is looking out for you. Limbaugh and Hannity take to the air waves daily to remind you that the multi-million dollar corporations are. Without government interference, the invisible hand will make sure that your hard work pays off. And remember, when republicans legislate away the right of workers to organize, this is not government interference in the economy. On the contrary, they are preserving your chance to be another, Hannity, Rush or Trump.

About The Author

Peter Mennona, Jr. holds a BA from the New School University. He is currently pursuing an MPA at Walden University and is a high school social studies teacher. He is also the moderator of the Alternative New York Radio Message Board

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