The Republican Party became popular due to its view on the way conservative America thinks so the country goes republican.

If the democrats say the things that mainstream America wants to hear everyone does a turn around and goes democratic.

It's like being a baseball or football fan, who really is nothing more than a fair weather friend.

How many years the Yankees did well, when they started to do bad where you still a Yankee fan?

How many years the Mets did poorly, where you still a Mets fan?

Talk about being fickle.

Politics goes through trends and if it is trendy to be a republican be one, if it is trendy to be a democrat be one.

There is Rush, Hannity, and any number of other talk radio hosts that did a wonderful job during the campaign to make sure the average American heard all of it. But did the average American hear it?

How often our system takes the form of it is popular to be that way so we will.

How often do you vote by name recognition?

Do you explain the system to your children?

Are you a democrat because you really are? Are you a Republican because you really are?

What do you see and how do you see it?

What do you hear and how do you hear it?

Mom said she was a democrat so I was years and years passed and I was. I'm a Republican now but I do look for the right issue to follow I look at both sides to choose. I do not follow blindly and yet many people do. Why? Because that is the easy way. Because then you can say that you didn't have an opinion on what happened or didn't realize how it would affect our country.

Lily Livered, Many Americans are Lily Livered.

Land of the Free and pray that it stays that way. But remember it is okay not to pray. Get some guts and stand up for what you believe is right. We can all agree to disagree and still be great Americans as we do it. Debate made this country great.

Gutless politicians put us in the position of being looked at as overly passive about much of what has happened in the world.

It is time for all Americans to realize that being gutless is not what made our country so great. Being gutless did not bring so many wonderful people into a country that progressed so fast at one point in time that I grew up thinking life would be easy some day.

We were all gutless as we allowed others to harm ours to take the blessings bestowed on this great country for granted.

There is the wonder of it all and how to make it be seen by not only a few but by all.

It should not take decades to become involved in the building of and the voice of America. Our freedom, our liberty should not be taught to our children as only a right but as a blessing to be carefully taken care of.

Please let them our children be good Republicans. Please let them our children be good Democrats. Please let them stand up for what they believe is right. Our future may depend on it.

Teach them not to be gutless or lily livered but to have the strength to stand alone among many.

Julie Pierce has worked in the retail sector for more than thirty years. She has been a union member of the UCFW Union and the afl-cio more than once and has worked for more than one large retailer during the course of her career.

She attended Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City Beach, Florida, in the nineties in the pursuit of a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Some of her work has been published during the eighties and nineties in various editorial pages of newspapers in the state of New Jersey and Florida. She also did some work as a community reporter for a weekly newspaper in Panama City Florida.

Other work includes an article in the Gulls Cry, the Gulf Coast Community College newspaper. She is the wife of TSgt William F. Pierce Jr. (retired) USAF and the mother of three children and one grandchild. Her experience with Walmart has taken her into three different regions and six districts within the company.

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