Fear, Controversy and Chaos in the Media

Most modern day media stories containing fear, controversy and chaos is really all contrived Bull, but it is interesting how well it works to control the masses and motivate people to do things. Those in power like to use fear, as it helps me solve problems and helps them maintain their positions. Yet as we have seen with modern governmental controls, no one really wants to solve anything. It would serve them no purpose for the status quo leadership having achieved theirs and wanting to hold onto that achievement without continued effort.

If all the problems such as energy issues, wars, economics, distribution, health were solved, well you would not need any politicians. No-one really wants to solve anything. So who is no-one? Those amongst us are no-one, so why do you care what no-one thinks when no-one even cares themselves? It is sound and fury signifying very little. Fun to watch and observe. It is the cycles of civilization through mankind's follies to control rather than cooperate to the common good. Actually in today's civilization there is nothing which is perfect and nothing really work that well.

Yes nothing is ever well and fine for long, things are in a state of flux and always changing for it is the only constant; Change. This is what a writer often is so perhaps I am 'Change,' an apparatus of change through free will. Change is good not bad. There is opportunity in Chaos and therefore people, which are opportunists create chaos to advance their selves and thru their greed attempt to achieve more during their stay here on Earth, such is human nature. If we are all of the same; that is the rank and file and the leadership then we all have the innate greed factor then we should not be surprised if those who are in power are trying to maintain civilization, yet simultaneously cause events to help their power base, money or other innate things they desire? Why would we expect anything less? Silly for us to think that this politician or that one suddenly loses all their innate characteristics simply because they have been chosen in an election; therefore it behooves those in power to play the media to get them to stir up the controversy and chaos needed, just enough to keep the natives restless, but not enough to crash the civilization into anarchy. Fear, Controversy and Chaos in the Media; you don't actually believe all that bull crap; do you? Think about it.

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Washington Post

2018: The year of dog whistle politics
Washington Post
Dog whistles are not new in U.S. politics, but as identity has become the increasingly predominant way by which people label themselves politically, appealing to divisions by using them has become more common. The term is an expression for a message ...


On Politics: Democrats Continue to Gain as More Midterm Races Are Finalized
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2020 politics make an immigration deal unlikely in lame-duck
The Hill
Immigration was a good issue for Senate Republicans in the midterm elections, but Democrats see it as a winner for them in 2020 and have little desire to negotiate on the issue in the lame-duck session or next year. The offer that Senate Democratic ...

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The Atlantic

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Putting on Ayers
The Atlantic
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'The Conners' recap: A little politics, a little religion and a lot of grief
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On Politics: Behind Florida Recount Furor, a GOP Strategy
New York Times
Good Tuesday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today. • Republicans' push to discredit the vote recount in Florida reflects a cold political calculation, aimed at securing the party's Senate majority and its ...

Salt Lake Tribune

Letter: So are we OK with violence in politics or not?
Salt Lake Tribune
(Carolyn Kaster | The Associated Press) President Donald Trump talks to reporters as before boarding Air Force One, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, in Andrews Air Force Base, Md., en route to campaign stops in Montana, Arizona and Nevada. 0 · By Dana Wilson ...

Washington Post

'Tribalism' doesn't explain our political conflicts
Washington Post
Alarmed by the conflicts in U.S. society and politics today, the tribunes of tribalism yearn for a mythic past when Americans set their differences aside and largely got along with each other. For Sullivan, this is “roughly the century after the Civil ...


Why racist politics appeals to white women, explained by American history
If Democrats want to understand — and change — the political behavior of white women, they'll need to understand how they've been both empowered and disempowered since the country was founded, and how that dual status affects their politics today.

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Washington Post

As recount politics heat up, two Florida election officials are the targets of online harassment
Washington Post
Several pro-Trump Facebook pages and one Twitter account on Monday posted the home address and phone number of the Broward County, Fla., election supervisor who has been the target of blistering criticism from the president and other Republicans ...
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Overheating Machines and Lawsuits Complicate Florida RecountU.S. News & World Report

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