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How Does the US Congress Really Work?

Many people do not understand politics very well. They often blast their Congress Person for this, that and the other thing. You are probably one of them; no worries you are not alone as a matter of fact if you watch enough TV you will blast and condemn all our leadership figures. What might be beneficial to your understanding before you start point fingers at the politicians, is to better understand human nature, inner workings of clubs and groups and the human and primate innateness and genetic make up of politics. Before you turn to accuse me of judging our politicians as a bunch of no good apes or their chimpanzee cousins there is a book you should read. It is also available on audiotape if you do not like to read anything longer than a one-page article. Or you can simply take my word for it? The book is called:

"Primal Leadership" By Daniel Goleman, Robert Boyatzis and Annie McKee.

This book is good and if you had read the book;

"EI Emotional Intelligence"

then you already know a little about the authors. The book on Primal Leadership maybe a little misleading by it's title which may have evoked thoughts of the book about the Alpha Male such as Primate Politics which is referred to and recommended to incoming Senators and Congressmen by Newt Gingrich. This book however dives into characteristics such as empathy needed to guide associates and underlings in the quest for organizational profits by building emotionally intelligent corporations.

Warren Buffet in his essays on Corporate governance may disagree with two-thirds of this book however discusses such effects as they pertain to boardrooms. Also in Fred Smith's Book "The World On Time" he too discusses these characteristics. Jack Welsh also to some degree however would say tough luck if crap hits the fan, you are either tough enough or you are out of here, it's all about performance, so do not get your feelings hurt. Whereas I liked the book and got something out of it, I do not think it belongs in all organizations such as in military discipline or on a football team. But the authors make a good point and it is on the Harvard Business Review recommended list. The title needs to change. And if the authors would have been good enough to study Jane Goodall's works they may very well have used a different title for the book, if they even decided on the name themselves. I believe a really weak publisher was to blame who wanted to sell books but did not understand the differences between leading by fear, strength, empathy or gang mentality. I also believe the publisher who may very well have titled this book, does not even know that chimps can teach each other sign language.

You would be advised to read it yourself or buy the audiotapes you when you attack or spread negative comments about the leadership of our nation or any group for that matter that you understand exactly what you are talking about. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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