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We are having a problem in America with Public Notaries, in many states. There is required 'errors and omissions insurance' and it costs quite a bit of money and many people have quit the profession. Yet we all find it difficult with all the ridiculous formswe have to sign to find a notary when we need one. More than ever people require extra forms, always with a notary. I applaud Gate's idea of passport and the others like AOL that copied his ideas. I applauded those who have now started using e-signatures. I applaud agencies, which have passwords, and you can do your forms online. I am also 100% behind the IRS in their e-filing progress. They have certainly streamlined things haven't they?

Just try to go into a bank, MBE, or other place where notary service is suppose to available and is even advertised. What do you find? Oh that girl is on vacation, maternity leave, out to lunch literally, or other excuse. What's worse when you find one they do not even understand their own job, you have to walk them through it. Today, I had to remind someone that I needed to sign her book for her records. What if I had left without? I already had the seal, what if it had been the signature of an International Terrorist using fraudulent techniques on INS forms or to receive a fake birth certificate to use for future fake documents?

I am concerned over the amounts of signatures required, the cost of insurance of Notary publics and the legal suing over so many different issues which brought our society to this point. So we are costing millions of dollars to American business in lost efficiency chasing down these notaries who are at lunch or not there that day. It is a waste of time. I suppose you will have to take a notary public with you on your big wheel so incase you are caught speeding you can sign the ticket from the policeman who was nice enough to pull you over for your safety. As if a speeding big wheel would hurt anyone else. You can attack a little red wagon to your big wheel with a DOT approved class five hitch, sure you might have to pedal faster but it is the law if you are pulled over you need to verify your signature. And you cannot have extra emissions so watch what you eat and do not impede traffic. Otherwise you will get a different ticket. And make sure the wagon has lights on it and is properly approved and legal combination. Oh you think I am over doing it?

What is it with all this over regulation and extra documentation these days. The government requires it because lawyers may in fact need it; to sue you? Can't anyone out there see the absurdity of all this? Think about it. Is this really the America your teacher told you about? Have we reduced the human endeavor to a one dimensional form?

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