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US Government Owes Martha Stewart 1 Billion Dollars

The prosecutors in the Martha Stewart Case used testimony from an FBI agent who lied under oath to secure a conviction. The prosecutors knowingly and willfully allowed the FBI agent to tell a lie while he was a witness in the courtroom. This is fascinating indeed as they could not convict Martha Stewart for insider trading, so instead tried to get her on a lying technicality to the investigators. So in essence the government lied to convict a Billionaire Tax Paying employer who built her business on blood sweat and tears from scratch on a charge of lying. How can we as Americans actually ever believe in Justice in this country when we cannot even trust our own government to tell the truth? In other words does "Truth, Justice and the American Way" still exist in America? Did it ever? Does the government always lie under oath?

The government owes Martha Stewart 1 Billion Dollars. This ought to be a lesson to the FBI and the stupid, vindictive, lying, ignorant prosecutors in the States Attorneys General offices and DOJ. These FBI agents need to stop making stuff up, stop playing games for grandstanding reasons. Stop pretending to understand business or free enterprise. These prosecutors are mean spirited who are a plague against the economy and can do much more damage to the economy than any International Terrorist could. I would like to see even one of them walk a single days in Martha Stewart's shoes. It is a pathetic embarrassment to the American people that the FBI will not convict this agent for lying under oath. How can we stand for this abuse of power? Doesn't this just sound like a bureaucratic jealousy trip to pretend that it is okay to attack an Entrepreneur by lying under oath? Martha Stewart deserves that check, when can we expect it? And don't tell the American People it is in the mail, we are tired of the lies from the government. Long Live Martha Stewart; shame on the government.

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