An ROI on National Security

Do you find it interesting that people complain about the costs of Homeland Security in that they fail to understand the value of a "NO EVENTS" for instance? We have not had any big attacks, since 9-11 in the United States. There may have been an event or two we do not know about as citizens as the authorities are working on the cases and going after the bad guys?

Since we have not had any big attacks one should be asking; Why? Probably because we are offensive over there and thus they cannot attack us here, very distracted. What people do not understand is when you cut off the logistics, the bad guys are unable to recruit easily without getting caught, move money, travel, etc. To do this is difficult and to do it without sacrificing freedoms is our biggest challenge by far. Keeping our ideals and freedoms while going after the International Terrorists is harder than finding them. Yes, well it is true that we have spent money in security efforts and yes of course you are correct it will take money. I submit to the socialist corporate elite that just because you cannot place and ROI spread sheet to cost expenditures. Let us look at the costs to the economy from a large attack? September 11, probably cost the United States 3 trillion in our stock market and lost business endeavors, I am guessing, but that sounds about right. We lost 7 Trillion in the stock market total, but some of that was the recession prior to the event. So let's say it is 3 Trillion US Dollars? Well then our ROI on our national expenditures seem to be paying off.

There have not been any, since 9-11 and therefore a thinking man might consider that the costs spent in preparedness and defense are quite worthy. An investment in systems to find anomalies in systems of flow management, tracking devises, upgraded systems, streamlining of data mining and information flow is money well spent. I guess I have just one question to ask the peanut gallery on this rainy stormy night?

'When did Noah Build the Ark?' ?..Before the rain, remember? Think about it.

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