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We are destroying our freedoms and slowing innovation, due to our belief that we can regulate morality by laws, that we can protect the most ignorant or mentally challenged individual in society by making a law; hardly possible. We have systematically allowed over burdensome laws to be made which support no freeman in this period only give work to 'wordsmithers' who claim to be helping us as they help themselves to our hard earned money.

The United States is the laughing stock of the world with all of our laws, rules and litigation. We are so handicapped here in the states that there is no free enterprise, it is paid enterprise and the payments are going to the extortionists claiming to be purveyors of fairness when in fact they have hijacked the very laws they purport to uphold. Now we have intent of law, letter of the law, case law in every jurisdiction known to mankind with no rhyme or reason to them based on biased judgeships. We take all this to somehow represent truth, justice and the American Way? HA HA HA. Surely we can do better than this?

I enjoyed a recent Seattle Lawyers take on punitive damages entirely. I find it most interesting this pain and suffering thing? Since when is your little toe worth one million dollars; if it is I have two; I for sure do not need. Then maybe I can then put my feet inside of Nikes instead of New Balances. Fork over the 2 million; this is pure insanity indeed, the Seattle Lawyers is most correct as his recent article in the American Bar Association Magazine was right on the money.

The over all costs to society are simply outrageous since, every dollar stolen from deep pockets companies or individuals has to be made up and in the case of a Corporation it must be accounted for in the shareholder's equity and quarterly profits, so the price of doing business goes up and with that the costs of everything we need to function in a civilization? Why? Transfer of wealth to those who do not have the tenacity, where with all, or hard work ethic to earn it in a free market? Giving to those who will not work for it and are not willing to put in their share of what they wish to take out? We spend so much time justifying our right to be irresponsible to anything that comes our way. To sue, in case opportunity arises. Are we quite sure this is what we signed up for? I think not. What do you think? I think the Seattle Lawyers are right.

Run away lawsuits are part of the break down of society, the fiber of America is being torn apart by abuse in tort law. We are causing artificial inflation to everything we buy and sell. We are allowing linear thinking in judgments, with no regards to reality. We are allowing juries and the public to "feel good" rather than serving justice. Is this all the better we can do?

There are many great websites dealing with these issues and discussion of the problems with tort law. If we do not fix these things, it will be the end of the greatest civilization in the last 10,000 years, The United States of America, a mere foot note in the annals of history? Surely we can fix this. It is so interesting as we watch these suits and read about the runaway judgments, to supposedly teach companies and people a lesson, yet the lesson which needs to be taught the most would be that you cannot have a free ride and steal in this country, yet the way the tort law is set up gives all the power to lawyers, who have yet to produce anything of value and takes from the entrepreneurs, people and companies who have endured to press on for the betterment of all mankind. Those who are dedicated to build for tomorrow, to bring products and services that Americans need and desire and to make them available for all the world are being railroad by the laws which were to guarantee their right to free contract and make worthy such risks and rewards to make it so.

We cannot continue as a Nation without tort reform. And we seem to be exporting our bad habits in a tit for tat game with the rest of the World. As we teach them our abusive systems of law, they too will begin to play and their laws and rules and court findings even more corrupt than our own even though one could argue this is the most fairest of all countries in that regard. Before we dictate to the reest of the world the best method of doing business, perhaps we might wish to get our own house in order, obviously no one appears to be all that serious, after all we just had a runner up in one major party for President of the United States of America who was Trail Lawyer, yes handsome, but please, have we gone down the wrong road so far that we fail to see that we might have potentially turned over the entire leadership of the country to a trial lawyer? We already have too many lawyers in leadership and now with our regards to the needed reality check we are training more? Why, young people see lawyers driving nice cars and making money and on the front pages every day and they admire this and want to be just like them.

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