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6 Steps to Destroy the American Infidels

The United States has enemies, which call the country the land of infidels. They have been plotting ways to attack. Some of their plans are quite ingenious using the system against us. But the best way to kill the Americans is to destroy their economy. So how would they best do this? I will give you a step-by-step plan on how to destroy America, it can be used to bring down any nation. Once the tactics are refined in the destruction of the US you can take this plan to other nations too.

First introduce Sarbaines Oxley and attack American businesses. Make the Corporations jump thru impossible hoops in over regulation and hire lawyers and accountants to lead companies and call all the shots, prevent them from the inherent efficiencies possible in business. Get corporations to dismiss any sense of value, quality or price to the consumer only following incessant rules, which you make up as you go and enforce selectively on whims. Honor people like Elliot Spitzer and promote them to governorships so junior regulators and lawyers will attempt to emulate. This will insure making the perception of all innovators and entrepreneurs into Satan like characters of greed. Thus they can be used as examples of evil so they will stop producing. This is a key ingredient of the plan to destroy America. These folks bring everything we see, everywhere we go in America to the point of abundance, this level of quality of life is an atrocity.

Second any plans made against America by International Terrorists must be sure not to attack any State Capital City where the most lawyers and politicians are. Especially Washington DC because they are doing more to make the United States of America an economic wasteland than any International Terrorist ever could dream of. The politicians and lawyers are on the team of the International Terrorists and should be kept safe from harm they are helping the cause of America's decline and eminent fall. As a matter of fact if theses lawyers and politicians are allowed to stay in power there is no need for any International Terrorists in the first place, because at the current rate the infidel nation will implode on its own.

Third introduce a society of tattle tales, whistle blowers and crybabies who will not own up to their own incompetence, lack or productivity or personal commitment. Enlist misfits of society to run around and complain about everything and everybody, reward them and put them on a pedestal. Find regulators, politicians and whistleblowers and promote them to the highest levels of society. Then get those who are up and coming to emulate them. Hitler knew he could count on the next generation to serve his will.

Forth make sure to elect lawyers to office who have never had to make a payroll. Who argue over semantics and words and never get anything done. Give them worthless and ridiculous controversies to argue over. The more ridiculous the better, it keeps them busy doing nothing and causing more minutia to slow any efficiencies or progress.

Fifth stifle innovation and preach hate and divide the nation, making each person take sides. Prevent forward progression of the nation with complicated laws and rules. Attempt to protect people from having to be responsible for their actions and regulate morality at every possible chance. This is best to be done thru religion or government. Both will be best to destroy America.

Sixth attack anyone who attempts to alert everyone of your secret plan to divide the nation and cause its crash thru these tactics.

Sound familiar? We have spent a trillion dollars on Department of Homeland Security; are we better off, safer or protected? We have volunteers patrolling our leaking borders. What are we really protecting? Or are we helping in our own demise? Think on this, the media is warping your reality.

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