China Finds Humans to Test Bird Flu Vaccine On, in Qinghai

China is serious about breaking into the bio-tech field and has a vaccine to stop H5N1 Bird Flu strain. Recently they admitted over 160 people died and today they now admit it was actually 460 people. 13,000 birds have been incinerated and this is only in the Western Province of Qinghai; there is also an outbreak in Southern China too.

China is not as concerned as the rest of the world and they believe 460 people is not significant as they still have 1.3 Billion more where they came from. They birds will migrate with the disease both North and West and mix with livestock birds too. When the birds are done they will return to places all throughout Asia.

Luckily for reporters covering this they were arrested rather than shot dead on site, as things are changing a little there. If you read these reports you can see the downplaying of the problem.


Bird Flu is serious and as in Vietnam, daily flights from the United States fly there every day on American Airlines. Perhaps that ought to be stopped? China is the same and people who are fleeing villages will end up in China's largest cities and the growth shows that many are moving into the cities.

The H5N1 strain rarely kills waterfowl in the wild. This means things have gotten way out of hand in the Lake at Qinghai. The die off of waterfowl appears to be 8,000 plus. The Chinese are trying to hide the serious nature of this, but are quite delighted to have humans to test their virus on now. Meaning huge rural populations can now be vaccinated to see what happens? Human genie pigs are of value to proving to the world they have a cure, which they can sell to the world.

Isn't it great to see the human trials of this vaccine will get a chance to be used without further tests? China is grateful for this opportunity indeed. Wonder why this outbreak was so severe and why it happened in this way? Interesting.

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