Howard Deans Big Fat Mouth

"The only time I open my mouth is when I exchange feet . . . man, we've gone from Deep Throat to Dean's throat in the space of one week!"

These and other hilarious comments have been made of the hysterical doctor from Vermont of late who, as DNC Chairman, is determined to make wedge politics a thing of the present Democratic Party in its attempt to widen the already polarized American electorate.

When the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank say that Dean's remarks regarding people like Tom DeLay are "out of line" and that Dean doesn't represent them when it comes to such blather, then you know that the Dems. have actually elected the likeness of their national chair to match their mascot.

Now, let's probe the wisdom of this lightning rod of rhetoric and why all the fuss-especially concerning his latest gaff.

First of all, Howard Dean "hates Republicans." ("I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for," former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean told Democrats gathered at a Manhattan hotel, in quotes picked up by the New York Daily News. Jan. 29, 2005)

Then after hating this despicable lot he determines that this much hated Republican Party is primarily (like himself) a bunch of "white Christians" ("pretty much a white, Christian party." June 8, 2005).


Now, it only gets better . . . i.e., it's time to exchange feet again! When interviewed by Matt Lauer on the NBC Today Show (June 8, 2005), Lauer asked what Dean thought about 40% of Hispanics voting for Bush in the last election. Mind you, this question was fast on the heels of the comments Dean made about the Republican Party being taken over by Christian conservatives. Dean continued his foot work when he reinforced his "White Christian" remark in response to Lauer's questioning by including Hispanics in on the "conspiracy" of "White Christians." Instead of "going there" and answering Lauer regarding Hispanics and "White Christianity" . . . Dean appeared to reinforce the stereotyping by including Hispanics in on the "White Christian Conspiracy!"

Dean then moved on with these deflections . . .

"'By a series of recent initiatives Republicans have transformed our party into the political wing of the Christian conservatives.' That was written by former Senator John Danforth, one of the most respected people and Episcopalian minister. I think it is true that the Republicans are in fact a largely white Christian party. There's nothing the matter with that, I'm a white Christian myself, but they don't include other folks and this is a very diverse country. In fact, they've gone out of their way to use other kinds of people as scapegoats in order to win elections."

So, it's O.K. that the Republicans have had their party transformed by Christian conservatives (" . . . there's nothing the matter with that . . . (and, oh, yes) . . . I'm a white Christian myself") . . . but Dean points out that while this transformation takes/took place by these conservative Christians, they, nevertheless, exclude "other folks" (e.g., gays, blacks, etc.) from "their party."

Furthermore, these "white Christians" scapegoat these NarDoWells. Interestingly enough, according to CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll data, 82 percent of self-described Republicans are white Christians - but so are 57 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of all Americans. Note: The actual survey can be found HERE. And, all this one week after Dean remarked that many Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives."


As you can imagine, all this white, fundamentalist Christian bashing (with the Hispanics thrown in as well for target practice), really has provided a great deal of "fun and games" by Democrat watchers . . . actually, guys like Rush Limbaugh have come up with a bizarre explanation for all this regal rhetoric: Hillary Clinton looks moderate compared to Dean and, therefore, is more electable!

However, when your "point man" starts to take severe flack (self-induced) it's time for a "group hug" . . . let's circle the wagons. Thus, was a Thursday (June 9, 2005) evening bash planned to honor the man with the golden tongue.

Party faithful will extol the gift that keeps on giving . . . or does it? As it turns out, big time "donors are upset that the DNC under Dean's stewardship is falling behind in fund-raising, failing to appeal to party high-rollers. In the first quarter of this year, the DNC raised $14.1 million, compared with $32.3 million by the Republican National Committee." (Boston Globe)

Howard appears to have caught the focus of his party in more ways than one . . . and, though the likes of Rush Limbaugh contend he speaks for the soul of the party (which may be correct), he certainly needs to be more coy about his party's intentions . . . badmouthing heartlanders, Red States, and feigning to be both a "white Christian" and, at one time even a "Red Neck," smacks of a stupid, disingenuous, political numbskull whose tour of duty is about to end real soon (probably for financial reasons as well).


Dabbling in political analysis, especially when it comes to "Christian" comments like those of Dean, that border on blatant racism and extreme stereotyping, is not the exclusive purview of secularists . . . so, let's have a gander. First of all, Dean's remarks truly do reflect his party's philosophical core and anxieties. The intensity of the polarization between secularists and so-called conservative Christians who have seemingly taken over the Republican Party (in appearance only) grows more intense each day.

Public articulation of this national polarization has grown to such a pitch that this type of irrational exuberance is not only tolerated, it is seen by many Democratic faithful as a breath of fresh air! Why not "tell it like it is" . . . we've nothing to lose, since we've little to gain (satisfied as we are with the fringe of Americana Blue and all else red).

Dean's remarks are so "out there" (though they assuredly do not distort the facts . . . i.e., conservative Christians have literally taken over the "external" rein of the Republican apparatus), that there's got to be something else going on here.

There really is a deep-seated fear, even trauma, afflicting scores of Americans who see in this "religious take over" of Republican politics, the final "death throws" of the secular state allegedly envisioned in the Constitution. To them so politically frightened, there is but little hope left; thus, to "break out" in a frontal assault akin to Dean's and simply go for broke is their only alternative . . . letting the chips fall where they may.

To do and/or say nothing would be the greatest of errors-for a future structured by fundamentalist Ayatollahs is not the Hollywood and Broadway of the Left . . . no, no, no . . . it is the worst of worlds; one that would confine and consign the American dream of expressive liberty for all to the trash bin of deviant history.

OF GREEKS AND ROMANS (Western Civilization)

Thus, the classical American struggle between the Romans and the Greeks abides-indeed, this is the bane of the West; a house divided. And, like the Romans of old, Empire simply cannot be maintained by the wishy-washy Greeks with their democratic ideals and excesses. No, the artsy-craftsy crowd cannot be trusted to extend the designs of Empire-perhaps to entertain, but never to extend. To despise the religious under girding provided to the Empire by absolutes does great disservice to a most mandatory ingredient for rule and reign . . . once the masses entertain the ethereal world of grays and relativism, we are doomed. Rather to have the likes of Howard Dean demonstrate the absurdity (at best) of Grecian disunity (with all their little city states and the like), opposed to the centrality of dominion wrought alone by the New Rome-no wonder the absolute abandonment and appeal the Papal funeral held for patriotic Americans!

What boggles the minds of high brow sophisticates is the American penchant for all things evil: "Evil Empire," "Axis of Evil." They cringe every time a witch hunt is launched and view our proclivities toward the supernatural struggle of "good and evil" as a national character defect-utterly self-destructive! Yet even they-reluctantly leaping in blind faith-admit (tongue in cheek) that Bush, et al, are driven by the underworld itself in their crusade against the "evil doers." Alas! We've succumbed to the dark side of the force!

These nonchalant "Air America blasphemers" abhor all things Christian Reconstructionist and "other worldly" to be on the verge of idiocy (at best) and downright historically dangerous at its worst-especially in today's tectonic upheavals and their clash of civilizations, arousing one fundamentalist plate (conservative Christianity) against the other fundamentalist plate (radical Islam) until a resultant great quake gyrates the planet off its axis.

It matters little to these Greeks, whose broad brush strokes paint all those who embrace the supernatural in one fell swoop, that glaring nuances exist amongst believers-throw the lot of them out, baby with bath water is O.K. All Romans are nothing more than cultural barbarians bent on explaining the universe in black and white, "for us or against us!"

I am not gyrating all over the page here . . . there is a tension in the West that is built into our very psyche. This tension I have discussed in the past (Of Greeks and Romans); however, the Bible does NOT speak of a revived Grecian Empire or of an incarnate Alexander the Great as Antichrist. It speaks of an end time wherein the earth will once again see the glory that was Rome-much to the chagrin of Howard Dean, Michael Moore, and Al Franken. It hails a Caesar who will one day countenance the warlike thought to go forth conquering and to conquer until the Kings of the East and the forces of Western Empire collide in a supernova of cataclysmic rage: Armageddon. Much of our writings detail the biblical dimensions of the aforesaid-this article is not designed to substantiate these apocalyptic profundities; however, be aware, they are unalterable and designed to rattle the effete cage of Greeks, and ultimately Romans.

The persistence of this Babylonian tension-this Greco-Roman ordeal-is but a sidebar to the real intensions of the spirit of Antichrist who is already in the world, awaiting his day of full revelation and embodiment. Reminiscent of Germany's Cabaret Society and its anti-Hitlerian sarcasms, the comedians of the American Left predict their own demise-a striking resemblance to a time just prior to its prototype's extinction, as Nazism purged Germany of such corruptible levels of Aryan society. Of primary interest to us is the overt role that Christians of faith have taken in the eyes of the world, of the Greeks among us-how easy it is to see the great majority of believers descend into the darkness of an apostate system of State-sponsored patriotism gone amok.

The seeds of intense spite have been sown long ago wherein the children of darkness are at great odds with the children of light; however, when apostasy reigns, as it assuredly does in today's America, then are we obliged to consider the ultimate demise of all fallen religion, especially the so-called Christian religion, when the State shall turn against her moral covering-having adjudged her use as pitiful and contemptuous:

"And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire . . . and the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth" (Revelation 17:16 & 18).

The story of Jezebel and King Ahab, of Church/State apostasy, is absolutely in view in this prophetical unfolding of end time's carnage. "These ten" are the ten toes, horns and kings of Nebuchadnezzar's Image. These are destined to turn against the apostate whore who rides the political Beast of the Last Days . . . the head of all the ten heads of a Revived Rome.

Friends . . . what you are witnessing in Howard Dean's asinine remarks (be very clear) are naught but the whining of a wimpish Greek who knows full well that only Rome can sustain and expand the insatiable quest for Empire-economic, political, and (yes), religious! Only Rome's military machine can avert the collapse of the New World Order . . . yes, perpetual, incessant war is the only means by which Empire can be secured . . . yet, does it not bring about Pax Romana, the "Peace of Rome?"


Each day brings us closer-closer to His coming, His direct intervention into the affairs of history when "all eyes shall see Him." Jesus did NOT paint a rosy picture concluding earth's present dispensation; but He did offer everlasting hope to those attentive to "look up, for your redemption draws nigh!"

May the good Lord enable us all to see the futility of these political machinations and the subterfuge embedded in their endless posturing-none of which give the promise of the life to come, nor of present grace to sustain, as the forces of darkness gather for that fateful day. Our gaze is upon Him Who alone provides all we'll ever need.

I know that a diatribe on Howard Dean is hardly the place to reflect upon the words of A. B. Simpson, that great saint whose missionary zeal launched the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Yet, how rare it is to hear his resounding encouragements amidst the vain prattling filling our media today:

Once it was the blessing, Now it is the Lord;
Once it was the feeling, Now it is His Word;
Once His gift I wanted, Now, the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing, Now himself alone.
Once it was my working, His it hence shall be;
Once I tried to use Him, Now He uses me;
Once the pow'r I wanted, Now the Mighty One;
Once for self I labored, Now for Him alone.

The polarization among "White Chistians" is incessant . . . this is what we see and hear . . . but the changeless utterances of men and women who "know their God" are capable of speaking into our generation . . . these are the ones we need to hear!

Links/graphics on this article can be found at http://www.the-tribulation

Doug Krieger is a writer for The Last Days Network/The Tribulation Network...a group of evangelicals throughout the nation committed to bringing news and commentary on Religion in Politics. The group's committment is decidedly evangelical and contends that biblical prophecy is relevant in today's highly charged religio-political environment here in America. Nuances within the "eschatological community" run deep...triggering a wide variety of responses to "How Shall We Then Live" in modern society. Coupled with their eschatological analysis on current events, the LastDaysNetwork/TribNet speak out forcefully on the current "Apostasy and Deception" afflicting the Body of Christ. Why is it that "Religion and Politics" are such a taboo subject zone? To the contrary, Americans have a vastly different demographic than their European counterparts. Post-Christian Europe has little understanding of what makes American Religion and Politics tick...The LastDaysNetwork does and decidedly devotes extensive writing to the topic.

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May defeated in Lords as peers vote to beef up anti-prorogation measure in Northern Ireland bill – as it happened  The GuardianRolling coverage of the day's political developments, including PMQs and May's speech on the state of politics.
View: Rahul Gandhi can either quit politics or lead his party  Economic TimesQuit the sulk, Rahul Gandhi, or quit politics. The party has to gear up for a slew of assembly elections, not to speak of staving off toppling efforts in Karnataka, ...
Here are the 4 congresswomen known as 'The Squad' targeted by Trump's racist tweets  CNNWell before President Donald Trump launched a racist attack against four first-term, progressive Democratic congresswomen, "The Squad," as they've come to ...
Week In Politics: Labor Secretary Acosta Resigns  NPRNPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Eliana Johnson of Politico about Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta's resignation, ...
May says she's 'worried about state of politics' in farewell speech  Channel 4 NewsSome saw that as a message for her likely successor Boris Johnson.
The Real Danger of Categorical Politics  National ReviewIdentity politics always ends up being an appeal to a kind of group loyalty. “Real” blacks or women or Jews or gays believe X, and if you don't believe X, you're ...
Ayanna Pressley's toxic identity politics  Washington ExaminerAyanna Pressley is the newest member of “the squad,” the rag-tag group of far-left congresswomen feuding with Democratic Party leaders and President Trump.
Labour peers tell Corbyn: you have failed test of leadership  The GuardianMore than sixty Labour peers have taken out an advertisement accusing Jeremy Corbyn of having “failed the test of leadership” over his handling of antisemitism ...
Politics | Blame discord among Congress leaders for crisis in Karnataka  Moneycontrol.comIf the governments in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were to fall or see serious threats, then nobody is to be blamed save the Congress itself.


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