Politicians Will Save Civilization

Most politicians are completely out to lunch and totally Machiavellian by nature, they cannot be trusted. We tend to elect the most manipulative politicians to higher offices and condemn the one's who really care. I saw a great picture on the front cover of the NY Times where the Politicians were busy having a party congratulating themselves for getting a bill passed in the Senate.

These guys are congratulating each other for what? Spending our money? This is unbelievable and no one bothers to say anything about it. It is not political victory when all kinds of garbage is buried in these bills at the last minute in order to get some Senator in some obscure area to vote the party line. It is pathetic and ridiculous.

Some say this is politics, I say at a time when many American's have tightened their belt and are on rationing and our lovely and wonderful and honorable politicians are out stuffing money into wasteful endeavors we ought to be standing up and say enough is enough, this entire thing has gone too far. And may I ask who is paying for these three-piece suit parties?

Well the lobbyists who profit off these 1200 page, no one has actually ever read last minute bashes of our legislative system. Shame on all y'all; a plague on both your houses. Wasting money like that; surely you can do better than that? My mother could. No wonder I never buy the NY Times, ridiculous choice for a front page picture, a bunch of old men slapping each others back sides congratulating themselves in spending someone else's money. Whose team are they on? So much for the home team advantage; I am sorry I do not read the editorial section of the NY Times and unfortunately saw that picture on the front page, maybe it is better not to even look at that paper anymore?

The New York Times is a great newspaper indeed, I think my parent reads that crap?

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