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The Gay Male Agenda for Political Dominance

I would like to pose a question. I am unsure if you have noticed what I have with regards to Homosexual males in the United States, but sense they are moving their agenda faster and faster and we are seeing more and more Corporations are catering to this group. Have you too noticed this trend? Are you up on the changes this means for over all society?

They are above average in their income levels and a becoming a bigger and bigger market segment. Generally and I hate to stereotype, but as a whole it appears they are higher intelligence level than the average American. Why is this; here are some thoughts. I find that when people dump all the preconceived notions of society, they tend to be better observers. Therefore in my professional opinion: A Gay American in that regard does have an advantage over others in observing things, he/she/it feels, sees or studies. As long as the test subject keeps an open mind, much is possible. I believe that people who are homosexual and travel against the norm of society, are better observers provided they do not cloud their views by assuming. Some do and a few are actually gay because they were recruited into that culture due to a weak character, however most are not gay because they are weak, most gay people are not weak by nature.

Gay individuals tend to understand by being better observers, of course one would not have to be gay to do that. I think as a whole you will find a higher intelligence level in homosexuals. There are many studies on this, my observations of many gay Americans is also backed-up by survey and scientific data. Less clouded issues of perception, because they are living outside the norm. Gay men tend to be good judges of character of women. I think this is because they spend much time talking with them and many women open up their feelings to them, because, well they are easy to talk to and also because the women do not fear them or think they are trying to manipulate them into having sex with them.

A gay man can provide empathy that another straight man in society would not wish to show or has psychologically blocked from his realm of thought. This must drive women crazy and cause friction between sexes. Homosexuals within our country maybe able to observe much better than the rest similarly, in that regard outsiders or foreigners studying Western Culture, behavior, societies and the western teachings and nurturing of the human brain in the US are able to study without prejudice of what they will find. For instance when Gandhi said about Western Culture "I think it would be a good idea" So do I, maybe someday we might want to re-evaluate what we have built and fix it or at least agree to uphold those original ideals and checks and balances. When Ayn Rand discussed Capitalism and socialist views, which stifle the innovation she did so from a Russian point of view, put hit the problems right on the head. When Charles Dickens predicted much of what we see similar, from looking outside in.

A gay man presently in this period is outside the norm of society, especially in Rough Neck areas of our country or in places like TX, OK, WY, NM, Northern NV, ID, etc. since there are Oil Field Boys and rough rodeo types, tough guys (pretending or actual) there, by nature of genetic and nurture breeding in areas of hostile weather conditions, hard work requirements in higher latitudes and/or tougher terrain. I hope this makes sense to you. In my studies gay men are usually third or further born from the same mother. There is some mention on this in the book Genome and in a few other DNA books; these studies have been learning things about these truths. Check it out sometime. I am first born therefore less likely to become gay; also both parents and all grandparents first born as well. Therefore the tendencies have next to no chance for me, which is a good thing as I cannot image sticking my member up the rectum of another man; homophobic, yes indeed I must be. Genetically the chances of me being gay and first born would be rare, however I have an Uncle who is Gay and he is third born and very intelligent and lives way outside the normal boundaries of most Americans, not because he is gay, but because of many other endeavors, hobbies and business.

We of course have talked to our friends about homosexuals and you have certainly been watching the media promote the agenda as well. Some concerns about the movement moving to fast and destroying the culture as the movement is affecting things like Boy Scouts and other institutions, which in the long run will adapt to these social changes. We are watching possible backlash and we, as a society are looking for ways to cater to these groups, hire these groups and allow the ushering in of this culture to become a part of our great melting pot because that is what America is about and we must not enjoin theories of hypocrisy and prejudice. We need to understand we are all one and to not be divided, time will take care of these issues. Here is a little bit of the fringe Gay crowd and the exhibitionists;

The Gay fringe is affecting the gay movement and driving separation of our society. We must not allow the fringe to destroy our common decency and tolerance or we all lose. Anyway think on this and thanks for listening.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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