The Halakah and Neo Cons

These leaders like the Rothschilds who backed Crowley's Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn or Hitler's Golden Centurion groups around the world, have members of their De Brix clan who have been adept at esoterics for a very long time. When Cosimo De Medicis paid to have the Corpus Hermeticum translated and put his clan name on the book (De Brix) he was not the first 'dabbler' in these arts from this family. Melchizedek is perhaps the first of this family that history has records about, who was such an adept. The Hanes Taliesin does trace this history.


Just because a semi-potentate declares his people should be Jewish faith adherents does not make them Jewish. It is not just my opinion I assure you. The elite people who are within the upper echelons of Judaism might not want to tell you about their law or the Halakah but you should find out what it says unless you too are a high inner sanctum Jew. It recommends genocide even for their own sheep or followers who are not truly 'chosen'.


Just because the people of the Middle East throw out certain segments of their population does not mean they do not have that right. Ostracism is far better than the genocidal mania practiced by many potentates or Hyksos peoples including the upper echelons that often imprison their own people or take them back to Babylon and then return some of them to Ashkelon or Palestine as leaders of their Satrap hierarchy.


A huge celebration taking place to remember a Benjaminite that the people of Israel had thrown out not that many centuries before; seems as ludicrous as hugging Hitler to me.


I know there will be readers of this book who will call me an anti-Semite or Jew hater. There are many people who do not know what a Jew is. I am a Jew of the noble variety and I am telling the story that my ancestors have kept hidden with foul intent. I have written a book called Who is a Jew and the whole matter is one that causes me a lot of grief. However, I must tell the story based on the facts and the facts can free all mankind and life on earth. Myths and manipulations will do nothing but harm I think. There are many factions of Judaism and some think the United Nations groups that vote against Zionism are prejudiced and uninformed. I am not sure these groups are familiar with what a Jew is really, or if they know the difference between Sionism and Zionism. I presume some of them do know a lot about these things. At the very least they will know about Jewish Law like the Halakah. You should know about it too ? before you call me a 'prejudiced person' of any sort. There are many divisions of Halakah and it includes a very genocidal prejudicial invective against other peoples and even other Jews. Let us start with a scholarly whitewash.

"The Midrash Halakah was an exposition which give a legal teaching.

In Judaism it was the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, family and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews. Midrash Halakah is the term used to designate both a particular ordinance and the law in the abstract. The adjective halakic means "of a legal nature." The plural, halakoth, refers to a collection of laws. It usually designates the Oral Law as codified in the Mishna, especially to those statements of law that are topical without regard for scriptural origin. The most authoritative codifications of these laws are the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides and the Shulhan Arukh (the set table) by Joseph Karo. Midrash Halakah was the important unifying force in the Jewish world until modern times, when its authority was challenged by religious reform and secular conceptions of a Jewish nation. Contemporary problems in halakah revolve around its application to technological change, especially in relation to medical issues and Sabbath observance. Halakah is contrasted with haggada (plural haggadoth), the literary, aesthetic elements in the Oral Law and in the Talmud, and Midrash generally, which elaborates scriptural meaning through legends, tales, parables, and allegories. Both the halakic and haggadic elements have been extracted and made the subject of commentary." (2)

The Judaeo/Christian/Islamic cultus has numerous secret schools and there have been (and are) designers of the over-arching cultus that love to keep various people living in ignorance of their intentions. Here is a little from a glossary and global security site that will give evidence to these facts. Please note the first group is pre-Christian and adapted itself to Christian practices yet is Islamic. The Sufis and others like the Gnostics or Arians (Unitarians today) are often called heretics and yet they practice or study the pre-Christian things Yeshua and his family would have studied from various Magian and Heliopolitan of Druidic systems. "Alawite: Also known as "Nusayris" because of their connection with the Nusayriyah Mountains in northwestern Syria, these peoples seem to be descendants of original peoples living in Alexandrian times. Originally possessing a distinct pre-Islamic religion, over time they adopted both Islamic and Christian elements to their faith. Alawis celebrate Christmas, Easter and Epiphany, and use sacramental wine. Many of their faith tenets are secret. They study the Qur'an and recognize the five pillars of Islam.

Alevi Shia (al-leh-VEE): Minority Islamic practice in Turkey which often faced persecution. Though now recognized as a distinct school of thought, practitioners still follow a highly secretive faith and practice." (3)

The very act of circumcision is a great mystical experience according to the people who are directing these CONstructs and manipulations as we see. There are more vampirish and ghoulish aspects that I cover in other books. "'By the very sexual act itself,' says Philip Sigal, in explaining traditional thinking, 'the circumcized mystically transmits the covenant to the foetus.' [SIGAL, p. 20]

Until the 20th century, it was normal that during the mezizah phase of the circumcision ritual, the mohel (the expert who performed the circumcision) took the infant's 'circumcized member into his mouth and with two or three draughts sucks the blood out of the wounded part. He then takes a mouthful of wine from a goblet and spurts it, in two or three intervals, on the wound.' [ROMBERG, p. 45] Today, notes Rabbi Immanuel Jacobovits, 'the original method of sucking by mouth tends to be increasingly confined to the most orthodox circles only.' [JACOBOVITS, p. 196]

In exchange for circumcision and following God's orders, the Jews were promised the land of Canaan (the land mass of today's Israel, more or less), a place that was already inhabited. [DIMONT, p. 29]

This land for circumcision exchange is the root of Jewish tradition, from which centuries of rules, regulations, dictates, interpretations and other additions have followed. God's spiritual link to Jews is understood to have originated, of all things, around a piece of real estate commonly understood to be part of the "Covenant," which, says Alfred Jospe, 'is the agreement between God and Israel by which Israel accepts the Torah [Old Testament] .... The concept of covenant signifies the consciousness of what the truth is.' [JOSPE, p. 15]

'The covenant,' adds Will Herberg, 'is an objective supernatural fact; it is God's act of creating and maintaining Israel for his purposes in history." [EISENSTEIN, p. 274]'? "The halakah [Jewish religious law] does not aspire to a heavenly transcendence," notes influential modern rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, "nor does it aspire to soar upon the wings of some abstract, mysterious spirituality. It fixes its gaze on the concrete, empirical reality and does not let its attention be diverted from it." [SOLOVEITCHIK, p. 92]" (4)

Yes, it is definitely focused upon 'the concrete' world. In fact it seeks to set the 'chosen ones' above all others and put concrete on the feet of any who oppose them. It goes so far as to make pronouncements upon lesser Jews and allow their murder and worse. The fact that the Jews alone were allowed to lend money and collect interest throughout the Middle Ages (5) was generated by devious means and the people behind these lenders became very wealthy while occasionally dispossessing the lenders or committing genocide upon them. Could this be part of why Jesus is seen to overturn the tables of the money-lenders in the hereditary Temple priest's abodes?

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