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Confession of a King

Rufus King: (Said to be the fifth most important person in the founding of America by another researcher.)

I have also presented a great deal of possibility-thinking in regards to the elite families and their noble lineages or genetic manipulations including the Merovingians that include the likes of the Randolphs and Churchills. This is an incorporation of special people into their bloodlines beyond what Gardner documents in Genesis of the Grail Kings. Lord Mountbatten may have known what I suspect is true, but few others could. Paschal Beverly Randolph, like his ancestor Peyton Randolph, almost certainly was one of the top people in this foul and esoteric plot even if he was not part of the Crowleyan Perdurabo ritualistic soul-grabbing which I have inside information or personal experience about. I have written about it in other books. It includes Thomas Jefferson who was given special tutelage by the Newtonian alchemist by the name of Professor Short for the formative period of Jefferson's education at William and Mary University. I will probably never have the whole picture and yet this book will attempt to shed some light on these racial issues and genetic engineering they have engaged which surrounds Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson. It was something I was once going to do in honor of my ancestor Rufus King who was the first man in New York to publicly free his slaves. However I dropped the project when I discovered some disturbing things about Thomas Jefferson who I had admired greatly and still feel is one of the great people of recent history.

I now begin to suspect Rufus King was an elitist paladin of high standing in these intrigues. He was involved in the negotiations about the Louisiana Purchase even though he was the English contact. Does this mean the English Royals were behind or a part of the whole matter? Here is a little reference about letters involving him and the Louisiana Purchase. "34 letters written from Paris, December 1801 to May 1803, by Robert R. Livingston, U.S. Minster to France, to Rufus King, Minister Plenipotentiary of the U.S., relating to negotiations that resulted in the Louisiana Purchase." (3)

At this time and thereafter as well, Rufus was the US Ambassador to England. He was the formal Ambassador during the negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase and then he continued as special representative. Some of his family then came to Canada and my family legend tells us they said they were United Empire Loyalists. We are related. Yes, the Kings were United Empire Loyalists and perhaps in the same way my mother's mother's family (The Hamiltons) were. The Hamiltons are high up in the Stuart 'play both ends against the middle' gambit but I cannot say that by my grandmother's time there was much more knowledge about these things than merely buying the Orange or Irish argument and conflict. It certainly was a passionate issue for them. You could call them all monarchists and that includes Rufus King, Ben Franklin and the other noble offspring and illegitimates like Jefferson. I am pretty confident that the real power in the Louisiana Purchase was Pierre Dupont de Nemours and Rufus, Livingston, Monroe, Jefferson and all the rest answered to his beck and call as the Rothschilds loaned or gave money to Jefferson and the others as they so desired.

The Rothschilds and Duponts are key or primary Merovingian families. Natty Rothschild was more visible in planning the wars of the 20th Century along with Cecil Rhodes and Randolph Churchill who he loaned (?) great sums of money to.

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