Carl Rove and the Case of Sour Grapes

The Carl Rove issue is definitely interesting and distracting. The Country is not served by this controversy we have important discussions to debate to insure the forward progression of our civilization. In watching the surveys of support for Carl Rove we see all the Republicans. When we look for those who wish to admonish, imprison or call him a traitor we see Democrats. Are we sure this is not merely a case of Sour Grapes?

After all even though this last election was a complete slander campaign against the direction of our nation's movement and the President that leads us by the Democratic Party; in the end it was Carl Rove who gets most of the credit for his brilliant strategic positioning. But on further hindsight, the Democratic Party took a purely pessimistic approach and had its more vocal notoriety figures out in force making us all feel bad that we are American. That of course didn't work, it was a stupid move on the Democratic side, although things were going well in the country and they chose that particular move because quite frankly it was about the only chess move they had.

Americans are smart enough to see that this is a great nation and those who purported such a negative view were wrong, through simple observation and experience. Was it Karl Rove great strategy during the last election, which re-elected Bush or was it his great positioning throughout his 30 years of loyal service. Hillary's strategists saw this and the strength of this President and had the foresight not to run, the election was not winnable for her and she knew it.

The Democrats beat themselves and really had no business running anyone in the last election, especially if their only strategy was to attack and belittle their opponent and our country. They sunk to the lowest common denominator, complaining about this, that and the other thing. Running around acting like a bunch of punks and spoiled kids blasting our civilization; forgetting of course that we are the greatest nation ever created in the History of Mankind or acknowledging the fact that we are, always have been and for a good many years into the future continue to be a great nation.

Many in the democratic party were so certain that this negative campaign was going to work that they promised to move to Canada if George W. Bush won his second term, based on his fantastic leadership. Those vocal Democrats lied and they are still here as they reneged on their promise to leave to a Socialist Nation, which is much more suited to their liking. Now they attempt to build a case against Rove out of thin air and we are back to politics as usual.

Yesterday I received a mass emailing from "Public Citizen" to forward an email to the President's Office which stated that "I want Karl Rove removed, yada, yada, yada. . ." Thus proving the motivation for an additional slander campaign to keep this non-issue in the spotlight. The Democrats are trying to position themselves for the next election using this manufactured scandal event, completely blowing out of proportion any sense of reality. Mr. Wilson's wife worked with the CIA, BFD, do you have any idea how many people work for the CIA? And they all run around telling their friends that they work for the CIA? The CIA ain't what it use to be, although I suppose in Salida, KS everyone runs around bragging they work for Wal-Mart too? Today the CIA is a huge cluster muck bureaucracy BLOB of epic proportions and it is being fixed by this President to return it to what it was before the last Democratic Administration, which by the way is at least partially responsible for the intelligence failures of 9-11. Additionally every homosexual bar in Washington D.C. is giving out such information to Chinese, Russian, Israeli, Italian, etc. spies every single day. The party scene in Washington D.C. is insanity, where people brag about working for this agency or that; discussing events, politics, whose who and what power play of the future created reality of sound and fury they will pass off on the public and media tomorrow. It is all a complete joke and these folks could not keep a secret if their lives depended on it, yet they attack Karl Rove for a conversation with an insider scene reporter who knows all these things already anyway. Those who attack Karl, well all their lips are more lose than the rear ends at the Gay Bar scene in Washington D.C.

This entire event is completely blown out of proportion, absolutely irrelevant and an unneeded distraction. If you take your eye off the ball you will lose the game. We have come too far to lose now. We must dump this political attack and move the ball forward in a bi-partisan way now. If the democrats cannot get on the same page of what is best for the forward progression of the nation, they need not bother boosting Hillary up to run in the next election using tactics to destroy our faith in our own nation.

Further more Mr. and Mrs. Wilson for all their service to this nation in past years should immediately go into permanent retirement as they serve no purpose now as they are an example of the petty type of "Donald Trump; You're Fired" rhetoric which in our current paradigm is tearing down all we are and all we have built. Now then before you attempt to debate my position based on your political affiliation and perceived knowledge, I suggest you turn off your TV. I suggest that you think about it for a minute. Because reiterating or regurgitating the BS views of the opposing pundits who are politically motivated and continually talk trash about Karl Rove and his loyal service, without stepping outside the box to look at the situation is ridiculous.

Now the pettiness of the media reporters is showing. We need to ask ourselves who do you want to run the country? The vindictive reporters and those who pull their socialist ideological strings or the elected representatives that we have chosen? We need the Democratic Party to stop making stuff up and get on the side of America and not their own personal agendas and desires for power, because the future of this nation under the current Democratic rabble-rousers, is a scary notion indeed. We do not need such socialist direction now after we proved how great a capitalist nation can be.

We are the number one nation on the planet, does this as an American bother you? The Democratic Party should not join the International Terrorists goals of tearing it down. If you disagree you are wrong and if so; you need to look outside, look in the mirror and slap yourself to wake up. Think on this.

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