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The Protocols of Sion #1

There is a lot of debate about who made the Protocols. They lay out a plan for world domination and are attributed to the Sionists and therefore Rothschilds who founded the Illuminati. Perhaps they were made for the Czar to discredit the Rothschilds who had a running feud with the Royal Romanov cousins of their British pals who had allowed Nathan to take control of the British Treasury; on that fateful day that news of the Battle of Waterloo was withheld from the average investor while Nathan took everyone's money.

The Protocols may not be genuine but that does not mean they do not correctly state the plan or policy of the Priory and other elite planning cadre. Here is a little of the Protocols in case you have forgotten the content of them. I have included a lot of other things related to the Protocols and it is all only a small part of the story taken from one entry in my three volume Encyclopedia.

NAZISM: - Did you know the Korean conflict still had tanks crossing the demilitarized zone recently? Tunnels large enough to move columns of tanks get blown up occasionally. A person who was in charge of the combined commando units of the Allies in Korea at the Non-Commissioned officer level worked for me briefly in New Orleans. He had been personally assigned to Gen George Marshall and had some not so nice things to say about a former hero of mine named Douglas Macarthur and his glory seeking use of Marshall's plans in Japan and other places. He also told me Truman knew about the North Korean/Chinese use of POWs in a gambling game similar to what we saw in the movie The Deerhunter with De Niro and Walken. In this game bamboo sticks were driven into the extremities of Americans and continuous insertion of these sticks continued while the betting on when the victim would die raged on.

He believed the American people would have taken Macarthur's request to nuke Korea and China seriously if this had been fully exposed. He said Truman ordered Macarthur to keep it secret. I have had contact with people in that theatre of operations since and I agree with his perceptions. There is a lesson in all of this that has to do with decisions made at very high supranational levels.

The Kaibatsu or Zaibatsu system of Japan that manages prices and keeps a near-Shogun feudal society in Japan through the top 30 companies and MITI is part of the larger plan. Political figures such as Yeltsin have made comments on the communist experiment wrought by "Them" or "They" on the people of Russia. Chomsky has made a good case for the Nazis being used to run South America but he doesn't go much further than international corporatism in his evaluation. We will cover him some more shortly, and his efforts are excellent. The whole issue of the Cold War and JFK or the Allende assassinations that are now well known, are just the tip of the iceberg. Jim Marrs brings us some great insights in this quote that you MUST pay close attention to if you think you want to bring children into this world. Former CIA Director Woolsey has admitted America intends to continue the plan of World Domination and he says the current War on Terror (like the Cold War) should be likened to the two World Wars.

"Added to these incomprehensible orders restricting military options, was the amazing fact that Russian commanders were running the conflict on both sides. Under the agreement at Yalta and due to their supplying North Korea with military hardware and technology, Soviet military officers were largely in control of the war. Author Epperson; cited a Pentagon press release which identified two Soviet officers as being in charge of movements across the Thirty-eight Parallel. One, a General Vasilev, actually was overheard giving the order to attack on June 25, 1951.

General Vasilev's chain of command reached from Korea to Moscow to the UN Undersecretary General for Political and Security Council Affairs. At this same time, General Macarthur's chain of command went through President Truman to the UN Undersecretary General for Political and Security Council Affairs, an office held at that time by Russian Constantine Zinchenko. This meant that Soviet officers were overseeing the North Korean war strategy while reporting back to a fellow Soviet officer in the same UN office that coordinated the allied war effort.

'In effect, the Communists were directing both sides of the war.' wrote author Griffin. What past conspiracy authors failed to consider was the evidence that Communist Russia was financed and controlled from the beginning by the inner circle of America's modern secret societies.

The war finally settled into a stalemate which ended with an armistice signed on July 27, 1953, six months after General Dwight Eisenhower had become president of the U.S.

{It is a MUST that all people read his exit speech and warnings about the armaments manufacturing complex. It is shown in part on the scroll leading in the Oliver Stone's movie! Then you should read Reagan's exit speech to see what he refers to as the 'Iron Triangle' and the comparison he makes with the Soviet Politburo etc.}

Macarthur, noting that for the first time in its military history, the United States had failed to achieve victory, {Not true if you look to Osceola and the Seminoles. My father credited Osceola as one of the greatest military minds the world ever saw. My father was a member of the 'black market' under Vanier and the U.S. 'black market' was run [in the field] by Eisenhower. The real 'black market' is the government/armaments manufacturer/bureaucracy that Reagan hones our focus upon. Baruch is a key element or paladin in this effort. We will see the Thuleans of Prince Bernhard who created the Bilderbergs shortly.} was later to state, 'Never before has this nation been engaged in mortal combat with a hostile power without military objective, without policy other than restrictions governing operations, or indeed even formally recognizing a state of war.' This set a precedent in the United States which continues to haunt us to this day.

But was there again a hidden purpose to this seemingly pointless conflict, one that reached into the upper circles of the secret societies? A 1952 'Foreign Affairs' article explained, 'The meaning of our experience in Korea as I see it, is that we have made historic progress toward the establishment of a viable system of collective security.' So Korea was another step forward in realizing the CFR {Council on Foreign Relations which is associated with Georgetown University and included participation of foreign ministers from all free world nations.} goals of one-world government backed by a unified military command as with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). {And in line with Keynesian type economics of waste and war.} CFR member Dean Acheson later admitted, 'The only reason I told the President to fight in Korea was to validate NATO.'

Both NATO and the United Nations resulted from the most momentous event of the twentieth century - World War II - and once again the diligent researcher finds the unmistakable imprint of the secret societies. {Nazism was not just in Germany when viewed as tyranny exerted by small groups intent on order and control.}


As hard to believe as it may be for Americans brought up on wartime propaganda films and publications devoted to war technology and battles, World War II was largely the result of infighting between secret occult societies composed of wealthy businessmen that eventually led to international tensions that provoked open warfare.

As in other conflicts, the manipulation and influence of these societies is found in the origins and finances of the war, not on the battlefields {Where cannon and earlier sword fodder play a small role in the debate.}. Abundant evidence now exists indicating that World War II was brought about by agents and members of secret societies connected to the Illuminati and Freemasonry in both Germany and Britain. It was in this "good war", that the older mystic societies seeking freedom from both church and state merged with the modern secret societies concerned primarily with wealth, power and control.

'Sir Winston Churchill himself was insistent that the occultism of the Nazi Party should not under any circumstances be revealed to the general public.' wrote author Trevor Ravenscroft, who claimed to have worked closely with Dr. Walter Johannes Stein, a confidential adviser to Churchill. {I've seen a photo taken at Blenheim Palace of the investiture of Churchill into a later day revival or plagiarization of the Druids. I believe it was in The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis. Churchill is also of Iroquois blood and we've developed the 90 degree change in hairstyle of the Iroquois to high Druid in other places as we try to show how culturally connected the world truly was and is.} 'The failure of the Nuremberg Trials to identify the nature of the evil at work behind the outer facade of National Socialism convinced him that another three decades must pass before a large enough readership would be present to comprehend the initiation rites and black magic practices of the inner core of Nazi leadership.'

This remarkable Statement was corroborated by Airey Neave, one of the postwar Nuremberg prosecutors, who said the occult aspect of Nazi activities was ruled inadmissable because the tribunal feared both the psychological and spiritual implications in the Western nations. {Can you say mind-control and deceit by their own efforts starting at Tavistock and including Crowley and Hubbard as we've shown?} They also thought that such beliefs, so contrary to public rationalism, might be used to mount an insanity defense for Nazi leaders.

{And if today you find soldiers with implants or thought cloning psy-ops do things they wouldn't normally do, should they be held responsible? The real possibility of the use of these more effective technologies upon unsuspecting citizens or Scientologists has dramatically impacted the life of my younger brother and my niece.}

History identifies Adolf Hitler as a dominant figure in the war, so to understand the involvement of the secret societies, one must first understand Hitler and the origins of his Nazi Party. Many books, articles, and even TV specials have been produced documenting the ties between Hitler's Nazis and occult societies, but few have made it plain that Hitler was their creation.

To fully understand how and why Hitler was created, a close study must be made of the secret groups operating around Hitler as well as their connections to military intelligence services.

{And the fallout of their transfer to the U.S., and South America as well as the scientists like von Neumann. Admiral Canaris and K-2 make a real interesting continuing connection.}

Adolf Hitler's Nazis were far more than simply a political movement. They saw themselves leading a quasi-religious movement born out of secret organizations whose goals were the same as those found in the Illuminati {Bavarian of Weisthaupt.} and Freemasonry. "They were a cult... (and) as with any typical cult, its chief enemies were other cults," noted author Peter Levenda in a well-researched book dealing with Nazis and the occult.

Hitler himself acknowledged this by sharing, 'Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; it is the determination to create a new man.... A version of the Protocols first appeared in 1864 in France in a book entitled Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu or the Politics of Machiavelli in the Nineteenth Century by a Contemporary. It was written anonymously by a French lawyer named Maurice Joly and taken as a political satire against the Machiavelli-inspired machinations of Napoleon III. Joly reportedly was a friend of Victor Hugo and both were members of the Order of the Rose-Croix or Rosicrucians, a secret society that may have influenced his writing. Joly's identity was discovered, and he received a fifteen-month prison sentence for his impertinence and his book was almost forgotten.

In the mid-1890s Joly's obscure book was rewritten and augmented with anti-Semitic material on orders of the Russian Ochrana, the czar's secret police. It was added to the work of a religious writer named Sergei Nilus and published to coincide with the founding of the first Zionist movement (seeking a return to Palestine) at the 1897 World Congress of Jewry in Basel, Switzerland. {It is important to note the previously mentioned work of the Secretary of the Priory of Sion - one Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair at Lake Leman or Geneva at the time of the Marshall Plan and Baruch, Frank Lloyd Wright and young Kissinger. This is also the central headquarters for arbitrage today and the Rothschild money for a VERY long time.} The Protocols were included as an appendix to Nilus's book, partially titled The Anti-Christ is Near at Hand.

The objective was to relieve public pressure on the czar by portraying Russian revolutionaries as pawns of an international Jewish conspiracy. The document purported that a clique of Jews {Not necessarily simply of the original tribes of Israel as we noted in The Lost Tribes of Israel.} and Freemasons would join forces to create a one-world government by means of liberalism and socialism, {Hegelian and technocratic} a conspiratorial theory still alive in some quarters.

{But the full extent of the issue is not stated. For example do these authors know the Eire-yanns or people of 'Eire' and the people who followed Finn and the Fianna are the Aryan and Phoenician 'Red Heads' who include the Red Headed League of Megalith Builders, the de Danaan and the Phoenician Emporiae owners who traveled the whole world before the 'nightmare' of Empire?}

The Protocols still chills readers with its prophetic description of the methodology for tyranny by a few. Its message fits quite well with the elitist outlook of men like Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds. "We are the chosen, we are the only true men. Our minds give off the true power of the spirit; the intelligence of the rest of the world is merely instinctive and animal. They can see, but they cannot foresee; their inventions are merely corporeal. Does it not follow that nature herself has predestined us to dominate the whole world?" stated the Protocols. 'Outwardly, however, in our 'official' utterances, we shall adopt an opposite procedure, and always do our best to appear honorable and cooperative. {De Vere says this code between them is not the code for those who are literally "food for their table".} A statesman's words do not have to agree with his acts. If we pursue these principles, the governments and peoples which we have thus prepared will take our IOUs for cash. One day they will accept us as benefactors and saviors of the human race. {This is what de Vere says we should allow his Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians to do when he offers to return to take the full authority for governing us. Gardner is more circumspect but the same message is there if you look. We must be VERY careful because de Vere wrote the foreword to Gardner's books and they are engaged in very 'Obscene Rituals' such as the Skull & Bones do with need of melatonin from human pineal glands.} If any State dared to resist us, if its neighbors make common cause with it against us, we will unleash a world war.'

{They had done this for years before the First World War. Arts and Entertainment did a documentary on Rhodes showing he created the Boer War. By not paying debts to those the 'octopus' financed, many nobles found themselves at war for centuries and perhaps all the way back to the Trojan World War.}

The Protocols goes on to explain that the goal of world domination will be accomplished by controlling how the public thinks by controlling what they hear, by creating new conflicts or restoring old orders, by spreading hunger, destitution and plague, {I've shown good evidence that Columbus actually used biologics such as smallpox and the Black Death. It is accepted fact that it was done at Fort Pitt. The Flagellants did it to Europe and tried to blame Jews they burned in ghettoes. I have it admitted by Churchill, too; but that should not surprise anyone who knows he gassed the people of Iraq, as Colonial Secretary.} by seducing and distracting the youth. "By all these methods we shall so wear down the nations that they will be forced to offer us world domination," they proclaim.

Some of the twenty-four Protocols bear a brief summary. If any part of them are to be believed, they provide a clear connection to Freemasonry and to the Ancient Mysteries as well as an amazing road map for world conquest. Because the Protocols were rewritten and attributed to Jews before World War I with the intent of inciting anti-Jewish sentiment, their use of the term 'goyim', a demeaning Jewish word for non-Jews, has been substituted with the term 'masses'. Pertinent points include:

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnists for The ES Press Magazine

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