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News Media Misguided or Just Plain Liars?

Last week, the media coverage called the airplane crash in Canada a miracle because all of the passengers survived. However, what they are calling a miracle is really teamwork. The media believes that they know what constitutes a miracle. According to the dictionary, the meaning of a miracle is: Marvel; Supernatural Event. The supernatural event was the lightening that struck the plane, right?

However, the media wants to report the miracle as "nobody died." What can I say to make the media understand that they are loosing creditability in America? The media talking heads are bringing their own attitudes to the story which they report and not the information we as Americans need to understand the event they are reporting. The media then puts a spin on the story to make it more interesting than it needs to be in order to keep our attention. Then the media talking heads are trying to become more powerful people by getting in bed with politics. So! When I listen to the people who report the news, all I hear coming out of their mouths is, "Please, listen to my personal opinion so that I can keep my job!" What do you hear? You know the Lord Jesus Christ said, "Be not deceived."

This is the same media who did not give America the complete truth surrounding the events of 9/11. I suggest that you take a look at the following website: and tell me what you think. After you read all the information, share it with your elected representative who voted for the Homeland Security Act and the Patriot Act. Both of these newly ratified laws, takes away many of our Constitutional Rights.

I believe the OATH that each representative, Judges, Governors, and President takes is to protect the constitution of the United States from foreign and domestic enemies. Right? "Many will try to deceive you, but go not after them (Luke 17:23.) I will be waiting to hear from all the true Americans. I got a little winded about this topic.

Diane Williams, also known as Mrs. Fox is a unique character based from Nevada York's novels, Caught Up and Mahogany's Revelations. [ ] She is an old soul at heart, who loves to tell it like it is! She firmly believes the real war on Earth is a spiritual war: Good vs. Evil. Diane's goal is to make sure that every person is aware that ones spirituality needs must out-weigh one's physical and mental desires. She currently resides in Idaho where she strives to "keep it real."

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