Will They Sterilize Vagabonds and Drunkards in Belarus?

In Belarus parliament is going to struggle with degeneration of the Belarus society. Deputy Kostjan in his statement suggested passing the law on violent sterilization of the citizens leading asocial way of life.

As he said, "even animals have the ordered sexual life and about 1 percent of people do not adhere to these principles, and they breed unhealthy children, in most cases - morons. From generation to generation amount of such asocial elements grows - and gradually there will be degeneration of society".

Kostjan speaks that at least, objections has not sounded from colleagues: "Members of parliament understand, that it is necessary to struggle somehow with people who drink and lead a chaotic sexual way of life. Drunkards and vagabonds in fact do not think about consequences. They produce children and sit them on shoulders of the state. Society should re-educate, a business of the state - to accept strict measures ". Sergey Kostjan considers that it is necessary also to sterilize inveterate persons paying alimony: "First marriage, second marriage, two left children. Don't let him make it third time. It's necessary to sterilize the irresponsible lady's man".

Physicians have the opposite point of view. The head of department of the organization of medical aid Alexander Tsybin: "Technically the medicine is ready to make it. Actually, we already make similar operations at the wish of the patient for a long time. To do it violently - it is brutal".

One of the lady's man said: "What about human rights? An animal rights, eventually. Any court will have my side. I shall complain in "Green Peace". By theory of Darwin, the priority on reproduction the nature allows to the strongest".

For today in Belarus, sterilization is a freewill way of contraception. Sterilization is made in medical institutions under the written application of the full age patient. Parents or the trustee accepts the decision on operation of incapacitated people. How many Byelorussians are sterilized, Ministry of Health keep a secret.

By the way, practice of compulsory sterilization is spread enough in the world. In the USA before the Second World War 30 states passed the laws, allowed to sterilize mentally retarded and criminals. Such way of punishment there is presently. For example, this winter having many children American woman guilty of the daughter's death has been sentenced to sterilization.

In fascist Germany, they sterilized insane persons, drunkards and prostitutes. The law on compulsory sterilization of not capable persons operated in Sweden until 1976. In a number of the countries, it was carried out against asocial people without corresponding laws.

Michael Garmahis (27) is journalist working in one of the Belarusian newspaper. Some time was engaged in NGO's social work and also worked as a tutor of German and English in college. For further information, please visit his web site: http://garmahis.worldfreeweb.com (Michael Garmahis-My stories, jokes, drawings, photos, links from Belarus)

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