Positive People Power - Taking Control By Being Proactive NOT Reactive!


In the last few months the price of many necessities has markedly increased. Sure, we can call it 'inflation' and say it's just a part of life - but it's a component which is slowly but surely strangling all of us, financially. The situation is now so bad that it is spiralling out of control, leaving most of the world's population without money for anything other than the bare essentials. Some of us can't even afford those! Does it have to be this way? We say "no!"

For too long now, the corporate world stuck it to us. Their quest for ever-increasing profits, along with their crazy system, which actively encouraged speculation of all commodities, including oil and other energy sources, food and water, meant that prices were continuously going upwards. Since the price of oil is now escalating so rapidly, this will have a flow-on effect to all other aspects of our life. This can't be allowed to continue ? but where can we turn to get help?

Surely our governments will put a stop to this. They could rule that speculation is illegal and could unanimously cap the cost of a barrel of oil. But will they do this? No.

They could stop taxing the people at the pumps and in this way, bring the price down. But have they done this? No.

There may be other ways to halt this greedy manipulation of prices ? but have our governments done anything to address this issue? Absolutely not! Speculation and profits for large corporations are all part of their ideology. They don't care who it hurts. They don't consider the average family. They're only interested in supporting big business and large investors.

Fact: BP made Six and a Half Billion Dollars in twelve weeks in early 2005 and the other oil companies made equally as much, if not more, profit during that time.

Fuel costs are sky rocketing. We're at the mercy of oil producing nations, the oil cartels, the oil companies, our governments (in the form of extra fuel taxes and levies) and finally the gas station. (See how far down the 'food chain' we regular people really are?) As the end consumers, we're hit with the ultimate final cost. We're the suckers who are slugged the highest price after all the governments and 'middle men' have stuck their snouts in the trough. The whole system is designed to make massive profits for a few while we, the majority, are given no choice but to fork over more of our hard earned cash each week, if we want this product.

The price of oil is governed by greed and speculation. If the oil nations think we'll pay more, they reduce production and the cost goes up. If they then find that, when the price is too high we're buying less fuel, they'll increase oil production and reduce the cost per barrel. During the summer, the speculators think demand will go up and this pushes the price of a barrel of oil skywards. During the winter, they think we'll need oil for heating and again they use the stock market to push shares higher. When there's the threat of war near an oil producing country, again the price fluctuates. There doesn't have to be an actual war ? just a rumour will do it. Not long ago the weather forecast indicated that a hurricane might cross the path of an oil well. This information drove investors into a frenzy. That particular hurricane came and went, and did absolutely no damage, but the prices stayed high.

The whole system is crazy. These corporate guys are pulling the strings and we're their puppets. Why do we put up with this? Are we such gluttons for punishment? The oil price is a world-wide problem. It affects anyone who drives a vehicle, takes a bus or travels by plane ? and that's most of us. Why do we, the majority, put up with this form of dictatorship from a minority?

There are a few reasons.

1. We were brainwashed into believing that cars could only run on gasoline.

2. Oil companies made huge profits ? so they were happy to perpetuate this myth.

3. Car manufacturers also liked the status-quo. They didn't want to put big bucks into research and development of vehicles which ran on alternate sources of energy.

Now that we have our new powers of reasoning, we can taking a step back from the problem and clearly see what issues are involved. Then we can begin to find effective, progressive resolutions.


Now it's time for a change. This system is hurting us - the over six billion people who also have to live on Planet Earth. Now it's time for us to unite and say "Enough is enough." We need to exist here too. We have rights. We demand fairness. We won't put up with this any more.


? There are millions ? maybe billions ? of us, the consumers, who ought to take a combined stand. We're the ones who pay the most ? therefore we've got the most to gain. We need to unite and make it known that we've had enough and we're not going to take it any more.

? We can boycott those companies which collude and force prices to be high.

? We can threaten to vote out governments which allow speculation and put taxes on the necessities of life.

? We can demand the production of cars, or other rapid transit systems, which run on solar energy, hydrogen, water, sugar cane derivatives, electricity, oxygen or a hybrid engine which can use a combination of energy sources. The technology already exists but it's not readily available to the mass market.

? We've got to find ways of heating our homes which do not rely on oil.

? Those of us who are scientifically, mechanically or engineering-minded must work together to discover new methods for clean, 'green' transport and heating.

We need to find renewable sources of energy which do not pollute, are freely available and do not get manipulated solely for profit. Nikola Tesla, inventor and engineer, believed that there were supplies of energy which could be tapped into and utilized by everyone but the authorities at the time suppressed his findings.

Tesla said, "Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."

If Mr Tesla was able to find this source, the information must still exist. Like all knowledge which has been given to humanity, one day it will be found again and used for the benefit of all. Those who seek to suppress information which is meant for our world will ultimately fail in their attempts to hide the truth.

'The choices you make today, determine your tomorrow.'

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice." George Eliot

We must choose to unite and solve this problem. If our politicians can't find answers, we must seek the solutions ourselves and here's how:


Positive People Power isn't about protesting. People Power is having a say in the way things are and it's about making positive change. If enough of us get together, we will be able to focus on finding new concepts and better ideas to make our lives, our community, and our world a much nicer place to live.

We can no longer leave it up to governments, or others, to solve our problems. Politicians are still looking at the world from the same perspective they've done for centuries and it's now obvious, that this isn't the answer.

If we ever want to progress, we're going to have to use new methods to find long-term answers ? there isn't any other way.

Positive People Power is being pro-active not re-active.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of waiting for someone to find the answers for life today. I want to stop living this way and start working towards a new world. I want to shape the present and the future with others who are like me, and I already know how to do this. If I wait for circumstances to change or for that 'right moment', it might never come. Maybe today is the day!

I'm sure I have a way - a really practical way - to change society and make life more positive. I can give hope to millions of people, if only they will listen to what I'm trying to say.

The AlterQuest Organization has been formed so that people, in communities, town and cities all over the globe, can come together and work on new ways to solve old problems. If we work on the adage that for every problem there is a solution, we should be able to make the most wonderful changes in our world - as soon as we put our minds to the task.

AlterQuest is here to co-ordinate the charge for Positive People Power. This is a power we have grossly underestimated until now.


? We have the ability to change things which are wrong and are not in our best interests.

? We have the power to use all manner of concepts, which lead to the establishment of a better world.

? We have the power to say "There are over 6 billion of us on this planet and only a handful of you, who are having any say.

? We don't want your biased media with its vested interests in swaying our opinions. People have the power to make their own media - one which encourages positive ideas, progressive concepts and future growth of our civilization.

? We don't want your radio and TV, if it's only going to show the same old programs which inhibit our minds and stifle our creativity. We can make our own programs which will stimulate us and enthuse us to take positive action to make life better.

? We don't want your corporations. These multi-national conglomerates have amalgamated to quash their smaller competitors, steal their ideas, stomp on any new concepts, cut costs, downsize, cause billions of us to be unemployed or under-employed, keep us poor, manipulate our governments, pay virtually no dues and taxes - and generally suppress billions of individuals - all in aid of ever greater profits for the corporation and their stockholders. THIS IS WRONG! SO VERY WRONG!

? We'll teach those industries which try to screw us for every last cent that they can no longer do this. They may think they run the show, but they rely on our hard earned money to keep their companies afloat. Without our money, they'd soon find out who's really got the power. In the bible it said 'The meek shall inherit the Earth.' Well, we're the meek and we're claiming our inheritance!

? Positive People Power means all of us will have a vessel for change.

? It means regular people will have a say.

? We can make our own small businesses and employ others again. We can build and run small to medium sized businesses for all our essentials such as bakeries, grocery stores, butchers' shops, computer companies and more....

? We can even form our own power/utility companies, water management, newspapers, magazines and TV stations. We surely can't do a worse job than those who run these things now. We won't continuously put prices up, just to appease our stockholders. Heck, we'll all be the stockholders - every last one of us. So we sure don't want to hurt ourselves, do we?

? We can use our natural talents and the skills for which we studied or trained.

? We can establish good social welfare (but if I'm right, we won't need much - because with this system everyone will have the opportunity to have a job.)

? We'll bring the best health care to everyone and not just to those who can pay and we'll abolish the cruel and unfair system of private health insurance which exists in so many countries today.

? We can give every single person or family on this planet a way to move forward. A way to have some hope. A way out of poverty and a way to live in dignity.

"The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity - or it will move apart." Franklin D. Roosevelt


? Democracy was meant to be about people having a say ? but in reality, we've had very little influence over our world. This is about to change! Now we must learn from our mistakes.

? It's time to stop sitting on the fence. We don't have to take this nonsense any more. If you think something is wrong, say so. Don't put up with it, otherwise those wielding the power will think it's OK to continue doing the same thing to us.

? Money should not come before people. Civilization is not supposed to be about the economy ? it's meant to represent the people who live in it. While we allow 'the economy' to be more important than the population, there will never be real and lasting progress.

? There are many possibilities for change ? all we have to do is focus on the desire for progress and tap into the universe to find the many diverse answers.

? If we want to have a better world, we must address the fundamental issues which have, for so long, blocked our advancement. We must examine these problems, utilize all the methods possible to solve them, and put the resulting knowledge into action.

? The answers AlterQuest offers your communities are the same solutions which people in other towns, cities and countries are using in order to regain their sense of dignity.

? Happy people make for a happier world.

There are many countries where the conditions of the population are intolerable. No food, no income, no schools, no hospitals. Who can these people turn to?

Do you think this is only happening in third world countries? It's happening all over the planet! If you're a low income family anywhere in the world; if you have to work long hours for little pay; if your income does not cover your expenses; if you see wealthy people who have become this way by trampling on the rights of others ? then, no matter which country you live in, the system is insufferable.

We all need to be empowered.

We need to have more say.

We should be able to have some control over our lives.

We must change destiny ? before it's too late.

We have the power to alter our circumstances, if only we seize the chance.

We have the right to say "We're not going to take it any more!"

Don't get angry? get even.

Take affirmative action.

Mahatma Gandhi (ex Prime Minister of India) said, "I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she will make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith. What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?"


Do you know what the majority of us are, as far as the corporate world is concerned? We're 'consumers'! Fancy that. They've given us a label. Oh how I hate that word??.. Consumers indeed!

The word 'consumers' is bandied about in reference to the billions of us who, in the eyes of the corporate world, have become nothing more than spending machines ? Beings with available funds who are willing (and able) to purchase their products.

How often have you heard this used lately - on the news, in the financial report or used by politicians. They have made us into a sub-class of purchasers. As long as we're there with our 'consumer dollars' they think we are happy and content.

To a certain extent, we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated by these mega corporations. We've bought their products, eaten their food, worn their clothing, used their fuels, driven their cars and flown on their airlines.

What have they done for us in return? They've manipulated the cost of all our goods and services so we're constantly paying higher prices while they make ever-increasing profits. They've amalgamated until they owned practically everything. They've forced the closure of smaller businesses, which tried to compete. They sacked billions of us and forced billions more to work long hours for virtually no pay, until we were all in debt.

Well, money speaks louder than words so, if we all work together, these 'consumers' can turn around and bite these corporate types where it hurts! If nothing else, we, the six billion people of the Earth have spending power and we have the right to withhold this, en masse, until we get our demands met.

Fact: Australians spent Eight billion dollars in the first two weeks of the Christmas period in 2004.

Wow. Eight billion dollars equates to a lot of bargaining power. We have the option to spend it where and when we choose. We also have a choice to bank anywhere we wish. So, all your corporations who think you can hog all the money you make in profit; not pay an equal share of taxes; not give back to our communities; pay the lowest wages and offer only part-time or casual positions with bad working conditions and lay off thousands of honest, loyal workers?. Think again!

Now, I'm going to reiterate my previous comments because they are so important?..

Until we make ourselves heard, we will always be relegated to the level of 'voters' or 'consumers'.

The only time we're really considered is when there's an election and our governments want our vote or when corporations realize we're not spending as much on their products.

We need to exploit this situation and turn it to our advantage. We are the majority. Those who wield all the power are, in actuality, the minority and it's time we tipped the balance back in our favour.

OK. I'm done convincing you. If you're sick of the way things are, there is NEVER going to be a better time to put Positive People Power into action.

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person," Mother Teresa, winner of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

The following email came into my inbox a short while ago. It points out just how effective the combined power of people could be:


It has been calculated that if everyone in the United States did not purchase a drop of gasoline for one day, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss of over 4.6 Billion Dollars which would affect the bottom lines of the oil companies. Therefore May 19th has been formally declared "Stick It To Them" Day and the people of this Nation should not buy a single drop of gasoline on that day. The only way this can be done is if you forward this email to as many people as you can and as quickly as you can to get the word out.

Waiting on this Administration to step in and control the prices is not going to happen. What happened to the reduction and control in prices that the Arab Nations promised?

Remember one thing, not only is the price of gasoline going up but at the same time airlines are forced to raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices, which affects prices on everything that is shipped. Things like food, clothing, building materials, medical supplies etc. Who pays in the end? WE DO! We can make a difference. If they don't get the message after one day, we will do it again and again. So, do your part and spread the word. Forward this email to everyone you know. Mark your calendars and make May 19th a day that the Citizens of the Unites States say "Enough is Enough!" I think that says it all??

"Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings." John F. Kennedy

If you think this is a plan - then please, join with us to make it a reality.

Take a look at the AlterQuest website: www.alterquest.org Join the Network. It's free - and it will probably be the best money you (n)ever spent! We guarantee that with people-power, we can turn this world around and WE CAN SHAPE THE FUTURE!

Karen Fiala N.D. Email: [email protected]

KAREN FIALA N.D. & GEORGE W. FIALA have a strong passion to help people to help themselves. They think the only way for humanity to move forward, is if people take control and stop blaming everyone else. Sure the planet is in a mess and most of mankind didn't do it, but man CAN change the way things are, and it's our life's work to show you how. A dream? Maybe. A passion? Definitely! A sense of purpose? Absolutely! We hope you agree. We are the founders of Alterquest.org which is developing in to a global think tank for regular people to unite and find useful ways to move forward. Please visit us at: http://www.alterquest.org

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Backstory: What Pragya Thakur’s Nomination Tells us About BJP’s Future Politics  The WireFor the careful media analyst, each one of those who make the list of nominated candidates can potentially reveal a great deal about the future of Indian politics.
Richard Burgon and criticism of Zionism  The GuardianLetter: The misuse of 'Zionist' as a surrogate for 'Jewish' has to be dealt with case-specifically, say Geoffrey Bindman and Stephen Sedley.
EC's 'Studied Silence' on Complaints About Modi Playing Politics with Armed Forces  The WireMahendra Singh pointed out three instances of the Prime Minister's alleged transgressions and asked why the EC acted against Yogi Adityanath but spared ...
No Jay-walker in Politics, Galla Goes for Guntur Again  FirstpostThe richest member of the outgoing 16th Lok Sabha Jay Galla is seeking re-election despite his party finding itself in a tough spot after winning the Guntur seat ...
Week In Politics: Health Care, Southern Border  NPRWith the Mueller investigation behind him, President Trump has had a renewed focus on policy, from health care to Venezuela.
In Kerala, parties bank on maths of temple politics  Times of IndiaLok Sabha Elections 2019 News: THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The devastating floods of last August destroyed many sociocultural barriers in Kerala and in its ...
NJ Politics Digest: Does Cory Booker Need to Get Angry?  ObserverU.S. Sen. Cory Booker launched his presidential bid with the promise that he was a leader who could bring Americans together in the wake of a polarizing and ...
Credit Suisse explains how 'angry societies' have changed the world  CNBCFactors such as a nationalistic shift in government policies and the U.S. withdrawal from multilateral agreements have resulted in a paradigm shift in the world, ...
How To Keep Things Civil (Or Not) When It Comes To Politics  NPRDon't talk politics with strangers, we're told. But these days, conversations with even those closest to us can be fraught. How are friends, families keeping things ...
Jawed Habib Has Always Had Political Roots. His Grandfather Was Nehru's Official Barber  News18Famous hairdresser Jawed Habib on Monday joined the BJP. Jawed Habib, who is known for his chain of unisex hair salons across India and abroad, ...
Ukraine faces up to reality after political novice wins landslide  CNBCA comedian-turned-politician has won Ukraine's presidential election with a landslide victory. But the pressure is now on newcomer Volodymyr Zelensky to ...
The Problem With High-Minded Politics  The AtlanticJohn Adams and John Quincy Adams's virtuous disdain for partisanship was at the root of their failures.
Bhutan Doesn’t Allow Religious Figures And Organisations To Participate In Politics; Is There Wisdom In It?  The Logical IndianBhutan experienced a significant change in its governance in 2008, as the Kings of Bhutan renounced absolute monarchy and adopted.
Politics and the military  The HinduIn a letter dated April 11, more than 150 senior military veterans, including several former *service* chiefs, wrote a letter to the President expressing their anguish ...
Akshay Kumar's cryptic tweet sparks political speculation, actor says he is not contesting elections  Economic TimesMUMBAI: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar on Monday said he is getting into "unknown and uncharted territory" with something he had not done before, sparking ...
Why Indonesia rejected the path of strong-man politics  Sydney Morning HeraldIn a time of strong-man, right-wing, populist leaders around the world, you might have expected Indonesia to go the same way. But the tough-guy demagogue ...
Canada's political compass is veering far right  Al Jazeera EnglishThe Canadian political elite is walking down a Trumpian path hoping to secure electoral gains.
Ranganna was active in politics, but a cricket aficionado too, says family  Times of IndiaBENGALURU: Around 90 minutes before suicide bombers set off Easter Sunday's serial blasts in Sri Lanka, M Ranganna, 47, one of the four JD(S) members .
Why Losing Our Newspapers Is Breaking Our Politics  Scientific AmericanScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...
Sunday Politics: Mueller Report Expectations  NPRThis week, Congress and the public await the expected release of the Mueller report — or at least what Attorney General William Barr is willing to let them see.
Former B.C. health minister Terry Lake returns to politics, seeking nomination of federal Liberals  Straight.comTerry Lake has served as a mayor and an MLA. Now he's taking a stab at federal politics.
'She's the future': Howard anoints candidate he's just met  The AgeJohn Howard may not have met Fiona Martin before – but he's certain she will be an outstanding parliamentarian. “She's the future,” the former prime minister ...
Prestige of three powerful political clans at stake in western Maharashtra  The HinduOf the 14 Phase 3 constituencies in the State, ten are from this sugar belt region, where the BJP is straining to supplant NCP.
The independence of central banks is under threat from politics  The EconomistCRITICS OF ECONOMICS like to say that its abstract theories lack real-world pay-offs. There is a glaring counter-example: the global rise of central-bank ...
Highlights From 5 Candidates at CNN Town Halls  The New York TimesBernie Sanders backed voting rights for people now in jail, including the Boston Marathon bomber, while Pete Buttigieg disagreed and Kamala Harris said, ...
Ukip MEP candidate blamed feminists for rise in misogyny  The GuardianA leading Ukip candidate for the European elections argued that feminism was responsible for a rise in the number of men carrying out mass murders, because ...
Politics | Digvijaya Singh vs Pragya Thakur: Two narratives for the fight in Bhopal  Moneycontrol.comShekhar Iyer. The battle for Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal in the Lok Sabha polls acquired high stakes when senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh found ...
[Startup Bharat] NaMo or RaGa? As India votes, Chandigarh-based BePolitical lets you wear your politics  YourStoryChandigarh-based BePolitical is bringing a quirky new category to ecommerce by blending fashion with politics in its affordable T-shirts. Next up are ...
Don’t Fall for Political Distractions. Saving Our Planet Must Come First  TIMEAs people ask questions around collusion and obstruction of justice and Medicare for all, we must remember to put climate change first.

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