Alternative Herbal Cures for Ailments

With the increased usage of herbs for treatment of ailments from Common cold to Cancer, there is an increasing need for authentic and unbiased information on various cures using herbs.

Who is better qualified than the knowledge givers about herbs to give this Information to the whole world. It is now an accepted fact that this KNOWLEDGE precedes modern day science.

We belong to a civilized society, which started its existence 5000 years before Lord Christ walked on the planet Earth. The ancient civilizations like the Indus valley civilization in the Indian subcontinent has given a lot to mankind like, Holistic Approach Righteous and Spiritual living, Yoga, Meditation and many such other things.

In the field of medical science ancient treatment methodology has been very well described in Ayurveda, with proper diagnosis forming the crux and herbal treatment forming the cure. Herbal cures have been recommended for various diseases.

On the Internet and the World Wide Web, today there are more than 1000 sites selling and offering herbal cures for all diseases and claiming to have mastered the usage of the herbs to cure diseases. While many of them are genuine and have done a very good job for the people using those cures and the fact that they are a business enterprise always makes their Integrity questionable.

While there are other web sites who are fraudulently misguiding and cheating people about these herbs and trying to make money for themselves. This brings in doubts regarding the whole system of herbal cures and voices start being raised against these cures.

This mad race and commercial exploitation of this pious knowledge by some unscrupulous, short sighted greedy people is putting at risk the very concept of herbal treatment as a way of life. Add to this other sites selling colored Water as herbal extracts and you have perfect ground for the TRUTH again to be drowned.

Let us not let the TRUTH to be so easily manipulated or falsified. Let us rise to the occasion and give unadulterated and unbiased information to the genuine users and let them try and locate the herbs in the true form and use them as prescribed so that they get desired results and not just fads.

So we have brought up this site selling nothing and offering only free knowledge to ensure that no one misguides the public at large in the name of Herbal cure.

For all diseases common or uncommon you can locate the various herbs to cure them You get the guidelines of how to use the herbs and also the dosage to be administered normally for a disease. We do not stop here but go ahead and give the full details of the Herbs along with the part required and a photograph of the herb so that people are able to identify and source the same.

We appeal to the public to join hands in making the herbs available in Pure form and display the locations online so that very soon we have people willing to proliferate the growth of these herbs in all parts of planet earth.

Please spread the word about this site and help us serve Humanity. Let us fulfill what the originators of these cures wanted to do.


Varun Bihani
No sales no leads only authentic Information.

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