Positive Affirmations

Never used 'em. Not likely to start now.

OK, so I just lied a little bit. (Is that anything like being a little bit pregnant?) I really didn't mean to. (Hmmm, that comment could be applicable to the pregnant thing too but actually I was referring to my lying.)

I guess the one positive affirmation that I commonly use is not so much a phrase that I repeat or think about periodically throughout the day ? it's more like an answer to a question. The question? "How ya doin'?"

My answer will likely be "Super! And you?" Once in a while it may slip to "Really good!" and occasionally it will pop up to "Fantastic!" but most of the time I cruise through the day at a "super" level. Do I mean it? Well, of course I do. I wouldn't lie about something like that. And no, I wasn't always "super" ? but many years ago I started saying it anyway because I had heard that if you start thinking more positively your life will be better. So I tried it and it worked ? well, sort of. Once I figured out ? with help naturally ? that I really had to do something to make some changes in my life so that it would be "super" ? it became "super". I'm still doing things and making changes so that I can be "double super". I think that probably equates to somewhere close to "fantastic".

So I guess when you get right down to it, I do use a positive affirmation ? along with positively oriented actions to do those things I want to do. But that's it. That's the only positive affirmation I use!

OK, except for maybe another exception that I just thought of. When I get out of bed in the morning and am having my first cup of coffee, I do think about what a great day it is (yes, no matter what the weather is or what I need to do that day) and how great it is to be alive and to be able to experience just living. I think about that for awhile and then I chat with my spiritual director and say "thanks" for allowing me to be me and permitting me to have the opportunity to learn and enjoy this great creation. Then I usually have another cup of coffee and think about this a little more as I make plans for doing those things I believe I should do during the day. But that's it. That's the only other positive affirmation I use!

Well, maybe except for the times that I experience something really neat during the day. Like meeting someone new ? or just getting to know an old friend a little better. Or like seeing a situation develop and realizing that the odds of it happening just coincidentally would be totally astronomical. Or like noticing the strange little plant that popped up just outside of the flower bed has really cool leaf markings. Or like feeling the morning dew on my bare feet as I walk across the front lawn. Or ? well, you get the idea. But since I'm "fessing up" here, I know I have a pile of good, positive thoughts at these times and I suppose you could say these would be a type of positive affirmation. But that's it. Those are the only other positive affirmations I use!

Well, maybe except for when I'm getting ready for bed and I take a few minutes to think back on my day and all the really good things I've seen and experienced and I take just a minute to thank my master teacher for giving me the opportunity to enjoy another day. I guess you could consider that to be a type of positive affirmation.

But that's it. That's the only other positive affirmation I use! I just don't believe in 'em?

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