How To Talk Your Way To Success

Smart folk have always realised how vital it is to talk positively to themselves as well as to other people. A bit of research will show you how these successful men and women not only visualise their goals but also frame them in words they constantly repeat to themselves.

If it works for them, it will work for you!

How's that?

Simple - wishing or desiring are closely allied to autosuggestion (a form of self hypnosis), a technique that appears to be fairly new, but which was actually known and practised by the ancients.

Autosuggestion means affirmation, a word which indicates the manner in which it is to be used. Autosuggestion is a material act of faith, because a desire must be fortified by the conviction of its realisation.

To give it power it should be expressed affirmatively; in other words, you must affirm to yourself the possession of the things or qualities desired.

For example, say to yourself, "I have," not "I would like to have, a good memory"; or "I have contentment"; or the case of illness, "I am recovering rapidly."

It is most important to understand this difference, and not to say "I wish for such a thing," "I hope to obtain that," for it is only in positive affirmation that the things wished for are realised.

In other words, frame your affirmations in the present tense, to impress upon your subconscious the belief and the feeling that you already have what you desire or have already become what you desire.

Repeat your affirmations with feeling, to reinforce their effect. And it is worth spending time on your phrasing, to make it so each affirmation can be spoken fluently and rhythmically. It's no surprise that some of the most memorable lines are poetic - because they are written with particular attention to rhythm and rhyme. Bear that in mind!

The founding father of modern autosuggestion, Emile Coue, who outlined the amazing principles behind this practice in his classic work, "Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion", devised one simple phrase which has helped thousands of people over the years: "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." Now, I don't know how it sounds in the original French, but that standard English translation rolls easily off the tongue, is rhythmical and supremely memorable!

Affirm what you want every hour, if possible, or, if your occupation does not permit this, do so when walking about, before each meal, and especially just before going to sleep - the effects will soon be apparent.

This method is so simple that its meaning and its effects are easily misunderstood. Suggestion, even without our knowledge, plays a large part in the life of each one of us.

We receive suggestions from our parents and friends, people in all walks of life, from the fashions of the time, newspapers, tv and adverts; in fact, from almost everything.

To resist these suggestions, which are more or less an attack on our liberty, we must learn to suggest to ourselves, in other words to affirm strongly what we wish to be, or what we wish to have.

This constitutes an important factor in making life a success. If your first efforts are not crowned with success, don't be discouraged; have faith, be patient, and good results will convince you of the power of this practice.

While practising autosuggestion, you must be careful not to allow yourself to be influenced by anyone else, for in doing so you may lose ground which will be difficult to regain. And bear in mind also that to assure the realisation of your desires by these means you must communicate them to nobody.

Ardent and enthusiastic desire is an accumulated force, working intelligently to accomplish its own ends. If you communicate to others your projects and desires you lose the best part of this force, which no longer works for the realisation of your wishes.

There is, of course, a way to use positive, affirmative language to influence others, persuade them of your views and add force to your private strategy, but there's not enough room to outline them in this article.

In the meantime keep your desires and practices secret to increase their power; and impress people only with their amazing results!

About The Author

Michael Blackburn BA MA FRSA, is a professional artist, writer & e-publisher based in the UK where he runs a number of websites, including The Hypnosis Collection:

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