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Train Your Brain, Or Cook Your Goose!

One day while in deep meditation and self analysis, a paralyzed man discovered the most important person he would ever meet in his life. He saw very clearly that HE was a "mind with a body". And, right then he made the most important decision he would ever make. Discover what it was.

Have you ever considered this, that probably one of the greatest advantages of the subconscious mind is it's ability to be "trained" or programmed?

Yeah, I can hear somebody saying now, "my mind is as trained as that Aflac duck" and it sounds like it too quacking at me.. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the ability to visualize your intended destination or goal.

Visualizing is just a form of imagery. Seeing pretty pictures in your mind. Everybody sees in pictures. We don't think in words, we think in pictures. If I say to you the word "dog", you didn't think the letters "d-o-g", you saw an image of that ugly mutt that you own. Don't get mad at me now, I'm just kidding, he's probably a pretty mutt. :>)

When you visualize what you want, this creates the tendency to get you on the right track and headed in the right direction. It gets you into action. Then your activities become fun and you are motivated to pay the price necessary to achieve your goals.

Yeah, but I'm special?..I'm already turbo charged!!

Yeah, you're a turbo alright. Listen, No one gets their body into action without their mind first orchestrating it. You may be turbo charged until you come up against a brick wall then your mind better kick in gear, or your body will strip a cog. You know what a cog is, don't you, turbo? he?he?

That's what the paralyzed man discovered. By the end of this article, you'll know what he did.

Opportunities Abound!

For you to think, study, and Plan. When you do, you'll organize your time, money and the more you meditate the more enthusiastic you'll become. The more enthusiastic you become, the more that enthusiasm turns into burning desire. That's when good things start coming your way.

You then are alerted to opportunities in your everyday life as they present themselves. Because you visualized what you wanted through thinking, studying, and planning first, in your subconscious, you are much more likely to recognize good things when they show up.

Suddenly, Something Happened!

This is where it gets good. Ok, it's time to find out what happened to our paralyzed friend. He was completely incapacitated late in life and barely able to move his body. He would have ended his life as a hopeless invalid if something hadn't happened to him. It brought the kind of joy and happiness that only comes from achievement and financial success.

The whole process came about when he realized he could train his brain. Yes, he said my body is paralyzed. But, my mind is not. He could think, plan, and meditate. And, one day while meditating he met that most important person.

That most important person was the recognition that the subconscious does not recognize the difference between truth and lie. He discovered his subconscious sees everything as truth. Especially if it is his thoughts or beliefs.

If he believed he couldn't, then that was truth. If he believed he could, then that was truth. And, his subconscious got his mind to organize what his family was able to do because his body was unable. And, he created a company that sold their products through every retail grocery store in America at the time when he was about to lose everything.

He decided to train his subconscious with images of prosperity and abundance. He said for awhile, it took all the mental focus he could muster. But, then one day his mind suddenly got the message and from then on only handed him back images of success and prosperity.

Whenever he thought of anything, it was uplifting and motivating. And it helped him to create a multi million dollar company with the help of his family lying flat on his back in bed.

The Key That Set Him Free, and YOU Too!!

He convinced his subconscious he was wealthy before he attained it. Too many people want to attain it before they believe it. It don't work that way. You never will attain it if you don't first believe you can.

Don't tell me you can't? I'll?? ah, never mind. :>)

Nobody ever achieved Lion status believing he was a skunk. Nuff said. You were born a champion. All you need to do is train your brain, or in other words, renew your mind. And I've made it my personal goal to help everyone I can weekly through my newsletter to do that.

In fact, I think I'll coin the phrase "train your brain". That's catchy. I like that.

Everything you think, every thought you have right now is a trained response to whatever circumstance you face. Yeah, you trained it, probably ignorantly. But the subconscious took it as truth because it doesn't know the difference.

You said, "I'm a dummy" and the subconscious said, yes, you are and made you feel like one. You said, "Ah..that's just my dumb luck", and the subconscious said, yes, it is, you poor thing, and made you feel like a skunk. Now, you say this, I feel good, I feel fine, I feel terrific, OUT LOUD, and your subconscious will say, yes you are and will make you feel like it. Because IT DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!

Now retrain your brain and your subconscious will help you to attain love, prosperity, success, fulfillment, happiness, and all that your heart desires.

Go ahead, go for it, I dare you.

Richard Vegas © 2002

About The Author

Richard Vegas is a popular recording artist and internet marketing professional. He invites you to subscribe to his FREE weekly ezine "Wing-Tips" Teaching The Success System That Never Fails, at:

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