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Shifting Your Paradigm

What is a paradigm? In my own words, a paradigm is a belief system. It can be a personal belief system, or one held by a mass number of people, or even the whole world. Such a belief system is so entrenched in our minds as truth that it usually does not occur to us to question it. Therefore, many of us never even think that maybe this thought pattern needs updating. But, inevitably there are those that go against the common thought, and begin to challenge long held beliefs. More and more people begin to awaken, each individual begins to change their personal belief system, and the phenomenon that occurs as this old belief system comes tumbling down is often referred to as a paradigm shift.

As many of you may be aware, there are major paradigm shifts happening all over the planet right now. And one of the big ones is about money and abundance. Those of you working through your money issues, give yourself a pat on the back. Money appears to be such a barrier to freedom, and freedom is what we all really want. We all need to be free to do all that we desire, be all that we desire, and have all that we desire. People all over the world are beginning to realize this. A big global shift is swiftly approaching, and we can all quicken it by working on our issues. You can't change anyone else, but you can change you. One by one, person by person, this shift is occurring. The following are some of the old major money myths that I have come across:

1. You have to work for a living; money must be hard-earned.

2. Most people can't earn money doing what they love.

3. Life is a struggle, at the end you may get to relax a bit.

4. It is sinful or bad to desire material possessions.

5. There is no such thing as perfection.

6. There is not enough for everyone.

7. Wealthy people are not nice.

8. Hold on tight to what you have.

9. Who am I to deserve wealth?

I'm sure there are many more, but this is an article, not a novel! I have experienced all of the issues above and am still working on some. Let's go over each of these briefly.

Old Belief: You have to work for/earn your money.
New Belief: As a child of God/The Universe, you don't have to earn anything. Allow yourself to receive money just because you are who you are.

Old Belief: You can't earn money doing what you love.
New Belief: Au contraire, my friend. With proper planning anything is possible. You don't have to be a clog in the system.

Old Belief: Life is a struggle.
New Belief: Only if that's what you desire. Life is meant to be simple and easy. We came here to be joyous and passionate. Give yourself a break.

Old Belief: You naughty desirer of materiality.
New Belief: As long as possessions are not something you use to define yourself, as long as you realize that they are but icing on the cake, go for it! What a wonderful array of delicious possibilities!

Old Belief: Nothing is perfect.
New Belief: There are many perfect things. Look around you at a yellow daisy or a procession of white clouds or a small child at play. The more you notice the perfection that surrounds you, the more there will be.

Old Belief: Mine! My precioussss!
New Belief: The Universe is unlimited, boundless and forever abundant! There is enough for everyone to have all that they desire and more. We must simply allow it into our lives.

Old Belief: Wealthy people are jerks.
New Belief: Is it possible that if you have resistance to wealthy persons that you are blocking the way to becoming one? By defining "them" as a separate group, you are telling the Universe that you are not wealthy. Try embodying wealth and affluence, right now.

Old Belief: Hold on tight to your stuff (more Gollum hissing).
New Belief: If you don't need something, or if it displeases you, pass it along. Cleaning out always makes room for new things to come. Keep only those things that make you feel abundant.

Old Belief: Who am I to deserve what I want?
New Belief: It's not a matter of being deserving. Just as you are, with all the seeming human imperfections, you are really a perfect light being. Remember who you really are.

Becoming aware of one's beliefs is the first step to changing them. So, let's all play with our beliefs, let's help create this shift. Let's change the planetary paradigm to one of unlimited abundance and freedom for all people!

Copyright 2004, Alexia Alderson Chamberlynn

Alexia Alderson Chamberlynn is the Co-Owner of Prosperity Power Training, LLC, a national training company specializing in e-learning, life coaching and live group training. To contact Alexia or sign up for free services such as a Free 7-Day Training Program, free monthly newsletter and free quote-of-the-day club, visit the website at Alexia expects to release her first novel in 2005. Alexia lives in Florida with her son Gareth.

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